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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

As Far As Excuses Go...

It's a good one. We still have no power. I sit here tonight in a coffee shop charging my phone and realize I should say something on my blog. I'm not so upset at the government shut down I am striking from blogging. I can't physically blog. No electricity means no computer, which means no internet and since I am saving cell juice in case I have a true emergency... It's a blog shut down for now.

I hope we have power back on before the weather gets cold again since we are currently heating the house with the fireplace and eating hot meals out and getting hot showers at the gym. It's gotten old, really fast. And dammit, I have a lot of other peoples blogs to catch up on! Anyway, to the gym with me so I can shower off the stink I made hauling branches from ours and our neighbors yards to the dump.  Someday, I shall have electricity again.

Be safe!


  1. Yikes! So sorry you're still without power! Here's hoping RMP gets out to visit you ASAP!

  2. Sorry to hear that your power is still out. Ours went out for about 25 hours but it would be extrememly hard on my sister to have it out for any other length of time. Here's hoping and praying it gets back on soon. - Joe

  3. drag about the power outage...hope it's back soon.