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Thursday, October 3, 2013

And Now I'm Mad

I had a lot of comments and emails regarding my last posts. Some who agreed, some who didn't, and it's all okay. I find it funny that those that didn't agree chose to email me only, but that's for another day.

Mainly, I was kind of shocked about how many people stated it was a rant on my part. I didn't feel like it was a rant, and believe me, I know how to rant. But when I wrote that I can't even say that I was angry. I was dismayed by our governments actions. I was frustrated. But not ranting, slobbering, fist shaking mad, and I apologize if it read that way. But after watching the news tonight, I'm down right pissed.

I know! Why did I watch the news? I know better than that. It always just gets me going. And what exactly got me going?


Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to embed the video.

That's right, that's one of our members of Congress trying to hold a Park Ranger responsible for the actions of the Government. You know, the one he is part of and that she is sworn to uphold the decisions of? Yeah, it's all her fault. Not his. Not at all.

Okay, so I've been trying to keep my mouth shut about all this. And it's been hard. All week I've been in a room of fairly mouthy opinionated people who's political views don't mesh with mine. And I've been good. I've been downright angelic sitting there with my mouth shut. But I can't keep it shut after watching an attack like that on someone who was not part of that decision process by someone who is an active member of that decision making process.

And my response is? Mr Neugebauer, Shut up. And no, it's not Congressman Neugebauer, because your fired. You failed to do your job, again. That equals, you're done. Pack your bags, go home, and by the way, you can pay for that ticket. Buh bye...

And that goes for all of them. If I were to not do my job over and over again meanwhile pointing at someone else and saying, "It's their fault." I would fully expect to be fired. I think it's time that they are held to that. No impeachment, that will cost us money. Just pack your bags, empty your desks and go away. Not even home because all those people who voted for you are there and I can't say you'll be welcomed home and you don't get a security detail anymore. You failed, you flunked, get your crap and leave. And while we re-fill those positions, their pay goes to our troops. Their pay goes to actually funding a medical coverage change instead of arguing about something that was already passed.

And that my dears, is a rant, because I was actually mad as I wrote that. And it felt kind of good.



  1. Here here!!

    a ravelry member

  2. But they ALL need to go! ALL of them!