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Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's about time

I just got in from working on cleaning up the yard some more before the next storm moves in tomorrow and makes another mess of it all. As I was raking up the last bag worth I was thinking to myself, "You know, you really should get a blog post up tonight."

And since I'm not working tonight, here I am, sitting at the computer writing this to you all. I hope those that have been bugging me are grateful. I myself am hopeful to peruse some of the blogs I have lost contact with over this unintentional break from the modern world. I promise, no politics. I just don't have the stomach for it today.

So, what's been going on in our world here you might ask? Well, we fostered this silly mutt in a last minute move to keep him from being euthanized at the shelter.
He was supposed to be a troubled young soul, but he was a breeze. His name is Bob, and he was a sweet heart. He just went to a new home today and I already kind of miss this one. If I had room for another he would have made the short list for sure, and not many of the fosters do. I love them all, but when they go to a new home it's always a happy day, with a relaxed evening following it. Even my dogs seem to take a breath after a foster leaves.
But Bob here, was a special one. He was in bad shape when he came here. It's hard to see because of his fluffy coat but he was skinny. We got a few pounds on him before he left. He's the only foster dog that has come to us knowing the joys of belly rubs and not having to learn the joy while living here. Someone cared for him and did some training with him. It's a shame he ended up at the pound in the shape he was in, but I'm glad we got the silly boy to a new home.

As I was heading to pick his happy butt up from the pound I got hit by a truck.
My poor little soul has about 4,000.00 in damage. She is going into the shop tomorrow to get the work done on her. The night after we got the first of our two storms. When I got up I found this in the front yard.
I thought about moving the car then thought, "Maybe the next one will total the vehicle and then I can get a new one."  It didn't work.

As you can see the storm caught us with leaves still on the trees. That is what wreaked havoc and took out the power through the area. We fiinally got ours back on Thursday evening about 7 or 8 while I was at work. That left us without power just about 7 hours shy of a full week. We now have our fuse box and meter up to code. Thursday they were here all day working on it before we could get the power company out to hook us up. I got about 45 minutes sleep that day before having to go into work... Because my stress level wasn't high enough lately. I ended up being sent home because as the lead stated, "I can see the tired all over you."

Today as I was doing some more raking and running of the chainsaw to add to the fire wood pile we depleted heating the house this last week, I found this.
I thought it was kind of cool. It looks like an oak leaf in a cottonwood leaf. It's what got me thinking that I needed to make a blog post actually. What few posts I have had lately have been high on my own lofty opinions (well, maybe some of my opinions are more... shall we say, earthy. But we shall not discuss that at this time), and very low on photo content. For that I apologize and am going to try to work on.

Through all this, the dogs have been a bit stressed. The poor old girl with the rickety joints did not fair well without her heated beds and warm house. She is loosening back up over the last couple days though. Sullivan and his feline buddy Smudge were often caught near one another for comfort and warmth.
Of course they moved when his head was next to hers on the chair and they were nuzzling one another like eskimo kisses. Brats. You don't think of Great; well, mediocre Danes being cold but he doesn't have a lot of insulation and a short coat so he was often covered up by that green blanket at night when the fire would get low.
The Guy said the night the power came on they all seemed to sleep like rocks and were sluggish in the morning which is unusual for the pack. They are typically up and raring for breakfast and the morning walk by 4.

The chainsaw freaks them out a little bit too and we've been wielding it frequently over the last several days. I think we are going to need to get a new chain on it after all the use it's been seeing, or at the least sharpen the one that is on it. On Tuesday as I was running loads from our yard and the neighbors to the dump areas, I was loading the kids up one by one on each trip as I went. I realized we had never taken Sullivan the big guy in the pick up for a ride. And I now know why. A small truck cab and a Mediocre Dane... Brings a whole new meaning to whiplash, and I don't mean the neck injury. That tail to the head hurts!

As for my fiber crafts, very little has gotten done. When home I have been working on the clean up process when it's light out, and without power, when it's dark it's really dark.  I did get a little spinning done by firelight.
Not much, Just enough to keep the fingers nimble.
Knitting has been at a stand still and since I got the cotton/linen scarf off the loom I have not had the time to re-warp her. I am also kind of waiting on the last of a yarn/supply order to come in to. I have a project that requires those last parts that I am itching to do.

Well, that's about all I have at the moment. I need to go find something to do to keep my eyelids open just a bit longer tonight. My two hour nap when I got home this morning from work before taking Bob to meet his new family is wearing a bit thin. Hope you all have a great night.



  1. good to have you back...always enjoy your posts! leaf shot cool!!

  2. Thanks for the update, Q. I'm glad power was finally restored, even if it did require a new meter and fuse box. That foster Bob looks like a sweetie; I'm glad he went to a good home. Glad, also, to know that the kids did well, especially the old girl...Bless her. Take care - Joe