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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Milestones and Understatements

Let's start with the latter... I'm tired. But to say I'm just tired is an understatement of epic proportions. I've had two hours of sleep in the last 28 hours. I'll survive, but I thought in case this post got a little... side tracked, I would put that out there.

Now, for the milestone. Somewhere in the last few weeks when I have been distracted from blogging, I passed 10000 views. I know, in the grand scheme of the great blogs, this isn't much, but it's a milestone to me and my little blog.

With the official stuff out of the way, let's move on to the other stuff. I don't have a lot of other stuff to truly share with you. I have once again been buried in work so I have had little interaction out there in the real world with people that actually breath and speak. And since I normally get my stories from them, I don't have a good one for you. I have some truly funny works stories from the week but I don't do that. One, I could get fired, and two, I just can't break my own morals enough to do that. People call me when they need help, and not matter how ridiculous I may find their positions, it's not right to kick them when they're down. When I need to do that I go check out fail army. Hey, we all have our failings, and I love to watch people hurt themselves.

I know I stated before that I have been lacking photos as of late, so I tried snapping a few for us this afternoon. Sorry, being tired I did a crappy job with lighting and cropping them for posting. Oh well...
This week Shiela once again did what she wanted. It pays to be a 17 year old bitch of the highest order.

I have still not gotten the bill from the electrician for the work they did bringing our meter and fuse box up to code so that we could have out power turned off. To be honest, I am kind of okay with that. It's hard to keep my head in the sand with the numbers right in front of me on a nicely formatted bill.

I snapped some pictures of our damage.
Both of our cottonwoods lost over half of their canopies.
The one in the back still has a lot of dead fall caught in the beaches. Let's hope when the winter winds finally clear some of it, it doesn't do a lot of damage on the way down. Most of that lower canopy to the right is actually the apple tree that faired amazingly well for the cottonwood dropping large limbs into it.
I finally got a picture of the finished cotton/linen scarf that has been done for a while now. I still need to do some trimming but otherwise it's finished.
As you can see here with some of this months fiber club, I have not re-raked the lawns for what has fallen this week.This fiber is a 100% Blue Faced Leicester combed top that I am about half way done spinning. Yes yes, for those that have seen me work on it, I am no further than I was last week. Remember that busy part? Yeah, wasn't joking.

Then there is one of favorites I have ever gotten from Huckleberry. Beachcombing. I did it as a three ply crepe and ended up with about 116 yards of DK to worsted weight yarn. I love the colors here. It is a 60% Polwarth wool and 40% silk. It was lovely to spin.

And then there was "The Soft Dying Day". This is another of those that I would never have put these colors together yet they are beautiful when it is all spun up. This fiber is 100% Falkland with about 200 yards in a Worsted weight 2 ply. I am always amazed at the eye for color some people have.

I have been trying to spin a little bit larger. I realize now why I don't prefer too. Only getting about 116 yards out of such wonderful fiber makes me sad.
Unlike these two that I finally got wrapped up. Both skeins are a fingering weight and almost 400 yards apiece of a Merino/Silk/Bamboo mix. The fiber was lovely to work with. I will definetly order from Wooly's again.

But, back trees, I forgot to discuss the real sadness. Remember my beautiful Purple robe Locust that grew so much this year? Well, the cottonwood coming don broke it good

The top is gone and it split the truck down the middle. We'll see what comes in the spring, but considering all of our troubles getting these ones established, this was a bit of a heart brake.

Okay, I am at that state where I am so tired I'm freezing because my body has given up the effort of staying warm, so I am off to bed with the furry beasts and the electric mattress pad. Have a good night all.

Oh, really quick before I forget, you ravelry members out there, we have a new group called the Wyoming Fiber Skeinks if you are interested in joining. We're just a group of Wyomingite Fiber lovers of all kinds.


  1. Hope you got enough rest to make up for all that tiredness...or at least a good start.

    Love the fiber shots and look forward to future goodies.

    Take care - Joe

  2. Hope you find some sleep! and I enjoyed reading your post