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Sunday, October 12, 2014

More things to love about fall.


I actually know nothing really about chestnuts just that they look neat and are such a deep beautiful brown... yeah I know, that's what one calls a shade of chestnut. But it's pretty dang it.

I saw this tree the other day on my way home from work and wanted to snap a shot of it today. It was with my camera so it's not the best of shots, but still, you get the idea. Defintely corn harvesting time. I am glad I snapped that shot of the maple last week because I noticed today that it's vibrancy is definitely on the fade now.

And for some, fall might mean the return of football and drinking buddies! These guys have actually hit the road but I recalled that I had some pictures off The Guys camera I wanted to share that i snapped a few weeks ago.

Today was the first day of inventory and I'm beat... My legs are tired of the up and down, we'll see how this task continues. The great news is that this next week we have new floors going in upstairs. Yay! No more walking around on grubby subfloor. Pictures soon, I promise.

I loved seeing that I somehow caught these guys having a little jousting match and didn't even know it. These buggers are just so fast!

Last one of the hummers before the monarchs.

Still seeing a couple of these now and then pass through. Probably done now since we had a good frost now the last two nights. I'm appreciating the cooler weather and having to grab a flannel or sweatshirt for the evening walks with the kids.

We found another little park like the Provin trails down this way that I need to snag some photos of. This is a more natural forest with some thinning that has been done, but not planted in rows like the Provin trail park was.

I tried to capture a couple flying, but was not so successful.

Well, off to goof off with the kids and relax for a bit before bed. One of these days I'm going to have a whole day off! Oh wait, we'll be installing floor on those days... Dang it!

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  1. love hummers and butterflies!! miss your voice on my blog...hopefully life mellows a bit for you soon. thought i'd send you my link..ADN published my commentary piece today.