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Monday, October 20, 2014

Putting it all back together

Since we didn't move to Honolulu (I think I recall there being a Hawaii position open when The Guy was given the list), and we weren't in the path of Hurricane Ana, what are we putting it back together from?

Remember these floors?

Pretty huh?

Though not attractive to look at or even walk on barefoot, the subfloors smelled so much better than the dog urine soaked carpets that were in the house when we moved in. As the summer heated up, the stench got worse until we had to yank them. It may have been our imaginations, but it seemed the upstairs hallways sub floor was even still damp beneath the carpets.

So, we sprayed them down with Lysol to kill germs, and Natures Miracle to help kill the odor and let them be. Until this last week...

Now, isn't that a bit prettier? Ignore the trim in our bedroom, it still needs painted.

I have to say, it was worth waiting, and stressing out the dogs as we shuffled things from upstairs to other places and made them wonder if we were moving again. Sullivan has his bed back!

And someday I may even get to use the loom in the loom room. Someday...

And there's new doors too! We're slowly classing up this joint I tell ya...

Okay, I need to go scrub the tile floors before going to work for a bit. Have a good day everyone.


  1. Looks wonderful and well worth the wait, muss and fuss. And we now have marriage Equality in Wyoming! Yippee!! Best regards to all - Joe