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Sunday, December 14, 2014


Good Morning!

Well, here it isn't morning anymore. We've moved onto afternoon, but a cool foggy one it is.

A wlk in the fog. Cleared up enough for a quick shot at the lake. Well, quick it wasn't as the boys refused to sit and look at me all together. Buggers
We had a work gathering here last night so the last couple days when not spent at work have been spent cleaning. Not that the house is filthy, but with three rambunctious dogs and our own time minimal, it needed a thorough clean up. And then there's the matter of the pies I had to bake.

Have to investigate the mole his and other diggings thoroughly.
Well, "had to" is not the word I should really use. I chose to. As the Guy pointed out a couple times, I could have bought Jello pudding pie mix; but let's face it, that's not how I work. I made a spectacular from scratch chocolate silk pie and that pumpkin I transformed last weekend became a delicious pie of its own. I still have left overs of the pumpkin pie... Yay!

I had to snap a shot of someone's "handy work" 
So today, we're playing things kind of mellow. I just through a pot of turkey soup together to use up the last of Thanksgivings slowly drying turkey. I should have made it last week, but I decided it was a great foggy day post party meal. That makes it sound like we partied hard. I think it feels like we did today just because it was a long week and we were ready to just relax about the time people were showing up. But it was a fairly mellow gathering and we were still in bed about the usual time.

While on the walk, I saw this little feather with the water drops on it and thought it would make a neat picture. I somehow over looked the goose poop, but when I got it home I laughed so hard I had to include it. Some people...
Mourning doves are still around scrounging for food. Sorry, the phone camera wants to focus on the window screen...
So, now that I actually have a day off I'm thinking I may pop in a movie and finish up whats on the knitting needles. Sounds like a plan, no? I really should dress the loom and start a weaving project, but that sounds like a dreadful lot of work right now.

Again, it's a touch blurry due to the window screen, but I love these bright guys! Them and the woodpeckers at the feeders are my favorite ones to see.
And I want relaxation. Maybe a nap even... Yeah right, but it was a nice thought. Too bad I can't nap and knit at the same time.

Now, time for some internet housekeeping too. Some of you have seen me link to my friend Betsy's blog before. I often link there for her wonderful photos around my hometown and state. Well, she has taken on a HUGE project of starting a nonprofit to help protect the Round Island Walrus Sanctuary that lost it's funding this last year due to some wonderful bureaucratic foresight. That's as much politicing as I'll add of my own, but you know what I mean. If such things interest you, the WARIS (Walrus Advocates of Round Island Sanctuary) website can be found by following that link. Originally they only had a Facebook page and since I'm not a face booker I wasn't able to share that with you all. I somehow overlooked that they have a website now, but since I now know of it's existence, I wanted to share it with you all. It's a small group that is just getting up and going under it's own steam. Just something neat that I want to share the existence of.

Also, for those interested in Knit Alongs (I won't explain what that is to those who don't knit and most likely therefor don't care), the Wyoming Fiber Skeinks has a small group that will be doing the Fox Paws pattern as a Knit Along. We'll be e-gathering HERE for that even starting the beginning of February. I know, any non-knitters that read this far are thinking, February? Yes, February. We're ass deep in christmas knitting season right now, and January is meant for getting all the tardy Christmas projects wrapped up, therefore, February. Warning, if you read the YarnHarlot you will see that this is not appropriate Superbowl knitting. Just a heads up.

Now, there's something else I thought I wanted to mention today, and obviously my memory is failing me for I have no idea what it is. I better put Ginko Biloba on my list to pick up at the grocery store... Oh, I remember what it was.

This last week I listened to Hidden Girl which is the story of a young woman who was sold by her family in Egypt into household slavery. From Egypt she was brought to America where she was eventually discovered and freed. She is now a United States Citizen who is working towards a goal of becoming an ICE officer. The book was, okay, I've read better but it was interesting. She mentioned that you could take the US Citizenship test online. Of course, I had to try it, and the good news is I passed. I even passed with what would have been an A at 92% on the first section and 100% on the second. I think it's actually a neat little resource to challenge your knowledge with. The total test has 100 questions, and it's broke into four 25question sections. The true test that happens for those naturalizing is a 10 question test comprised on any 10 of those 100 questions. They must get 6 right to pass. Give it a shot and see what you can recall.

Is that enough links for one post? Yeah? Okay, off to be lazy the rest of the day. You guys have a good lazy Sunday too.


  1. thanks so much for the shout out!! if anyone donates right now they are entered in a raffle to win one of those Betsy calendars...
    loved your dog pics...the goose poop...something i would totally do. haha.

  2. What a charming picture of your dogs with the bench and the lake. You are a natural.