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Monday, December 1, 2014

Blogger Distress!

So, I tried the other day to get on and make a post and it appeared blogger was down. Today, I keep having to refresh because things aren't loading properly. Argggh. Damn computers. Do they really save us the time they say they do? I know mine hasn't this week because when I couldn't get blogger to work I started to play on Youtube. And you know, that is a time suck like none other. Because then you start linking to other related videos... Let me just say, "BuzzFeed Videos".

Here's a sample of their hilarity.

Which of course leads me to this.

And then you're in the loop laughing at things like this... It's a vicious vicious cycle. Almost as bad as Wikipedia. Seriously, the other day I learned that Northern Cyprus is under Turkish control. Never knew that before. So in other words, I am blaming bloggers issues for my complete lack of being able to push away from Youtube.

So, since I have to get ready for work here shortly, and want to get a couple things done lets give you a quick update of the going-on's around here. We got snow. Lets not forget a bit of freezing rain. I was a bit worried last night on my way home with falling temperatures and this fine misty foggy rain, but today it's actually okay. However, now it's gone. Literally, gone.

You see, it warmed up and rained. A lot. We had a pond. However they say it's going to snow again this week. Fingers crossed. Let's have some real winter!

I've been working a lot of shifts, and that leaves me not feeling up to much when I get home, but I have got some knitting done between youtube sessions. Here's a cowl I threw on the needles to be able to go the movies with some knitting last weekend. It's done and needs to go live with Stefani for Christmas.

I got the gussets started and done on my final pair socks for the 12 months 12 socks challenge. Whew, I hate gussets.

However, I love the little sock monsters they make on my needles. yeah yeah, all knitters have love hate relationships with certain projects. Okay, maybe not but I can live with my strangeness. Can you?

We've had Michigan apples at all the stores so I made a pie this last week. No pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. Instead I had dutch apple! Yum.

And a pot of chicken and dumplings last week while it was wet, snowy and cold. I couldn't figure out why I was starving all week until it dawned on me that I was starting every morning off with shoveling, then dog walking before work.

And I decided that dogs didn't need to go to the yarn store during the holiday's while I was working anymore... Can you tell someone has already gotten themselves in trouble?

Okay, I need to get some more stuff done before heading to work. How have you all been?

And let me leave you with these jewels...

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  1. the girl one is too obviously weird...i'm more subtly weird! couple fights pretty dang hilarious!! snow here. :-)