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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks

We're pretty relaxed around here today. I got the Turkey in the pot early when I fed the dogs so we could have a wonderful Thanksgiving Lunch before I got a nap in and head to work.

That's right, work. With just the Guy and furred ones, we don't mrs much with the holidays and I prefer to work if I can so the ones with kids and family around can spend them with their own. However, that does't mean I skimp with the food mind you.

So, I hope you all spend the holiday with those you love and are thankful for as I have today, and stay warm and dry. I'll give you a real post in a couple days.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. did a stragglers meal here and i'm headed to work. my plates didn't look nearly as beautiful as yours, but it was still tasty.

    1. I miss the stragglers meals. The pretty plates was just by chance. I just threw that food on there and thought, oh, blog pic before work!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Your plate looks scrumptuous.
    Ron in Mexico

  3. You're turning into quite the food blogger! That looks delicious! We hosted orphans for a Friendsgiving this year. I brined my turkey for the first time and WOW. It really does make a difference. I hear you about working the holidays. Josh, who's usually the token Jew in the newsroom, always works Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so everyone can get their Santa on.