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Monday, November 17, 2014

It can't be...

Two days in a row? Why yes, it is. Because I wanted to share last nights deliciousness with you all! It was that good. I was going to right it in my book, then thought that this was a better place because I could share it with everyone and they could have a little fall explosion in their mouths (that didn't sound so dirty in my head).

Are you read? Porch chops with cinnamon apples.

3-4 lean pork chops
Sea salt, Rosemary, and sage to taste and a splash of toasted sesame seed oil
Around lunch time rinse meat, combine spices and oil and rub the chops with it. Place back in the fridge.

Heat oven and a casserole dish to 200 degrees.

Peel, core, and slice thin two large tart fall apples.
Mix with three heaping tablespoon brown sugar, a couple heaping teaspoons of cinnamon and teaspoon of nutmeg. Let sit while you start the chops.

In a skillet, melt one tablespoon butter or your oil of choice over medium heat. Before it smokes, add pork chops and cover. Turn down to med low and let cook for 4-5 minutes. Turn to other side and repeat. Remove from flame, and place in the warmed casserole dish and cover.

In same skillet, heat two more tablespoons of butter or oil and dump in your apple and spice mixture. Cook over medium low heat until apples are tender, stirring constantly.

Remove from heat and serve up pork chops with apples and gooey sauce spooned over the top.

I got the idea for this perusing several recipes yesterday and this version was what I figured out to do for dinner. It was wonderful and I knew I needed to keep this recipe for later usage. Don't you hate when you are trying to find something simple and the recipes are so over the top or talk about tools only professional cooks have? That is what caused me to make up my own version with ingredients I had on hand and no tools most people have. You need a covered skillet, a casserole dish, or even a Pyrex with aluminum foil to cover it, a couple knives and a spatula. Bam! Oh, and I was in a rush with the apples and just used my potato peeler to skin them. As long as the apple is crisp still, that works just fine.

If you try it, hope you enjoy. The salt of the rub and the sweetness of the apples are a nice I have to get out in that blustery winter day and go to work.


  1. What a treat! Two blog posts!
    In chronologically order:
    1) Love the cowl! I, too, am knitting a few cowls free hand these days because I've decided that Wyoming's wind is just too bitter for little cheeks and necks.
    2) If you hadn't have told us about your booger, I would've just thought it was a classy, artsy, fartsy knitter pic. I like your version better, though, and will now assume that all half faced knitting photos on blogs and Ravelry are because of boogers.
    3) Does the Guy have a separate bed somewhere? That's a lot of dog for one bed! You look like a cherub, btw.
    4) Loved your memes! What fun!
    5) That pork and apples sounds delightful, however I do keep somewhat kosher. What would be a good substitute for the oink oink? Chicken? I'll have you know that I refrained from writing a sentence here involving giant mouthfuls of juicy meat because I am a classy woman and the fact that my nickname, Pervy, is merely a play on my last name and not a reflection of my immature sense of humor.
    6) I'm sorry to hear that the Guy's mother isn't well. Is she doing better now? Perhaps you both should temporarily move back to Wyo. I shall offer up Cindy's house for accommodations because I know she won't mind.

    1. I apologize for chronologically writing chronological incorrectly.

    2. 1.) Freehand knitting is the way to go! At least for me.
      2.) I bet it's the reason for many an artsy fartsy shot. This bats in the cave are such a problem in winter months.
      3.) Nope, I kick them all off the bed, but I'm not sure how to take the comment about a cherub...
      5.) Pigs are magic! But I think lamb would be a great option. Or any slightly gamey meat that needs some mellowing. And please, you should know, don't edit the percy comments for my benefit. I like'm
      6.) Alas, old age isn't a curable condition, but I think we should move in to your house. I'm good with getting rid of mice. I even clobbered one with my slipper not that long ago. Just saying.

  2. Agree with Sarah's comments - for where they apply - and think the recipe sounds fantastic. I imagine chicken would be a good substitute or, possibly, thin beef steaks. Hmmm....maybe elk or deer, too - antelope would maybe be too strong. - Joe