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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The lack there of

Not a lot of pictures were taken this week. Mainly, due to the fact that the sun wasn't up when I was doing the morning walks just after 6am, and by the time I got home most of the week, the sun was down and The Guy had already done the evening walk. The one night that I had gotten home and the sun was up, I sen t them out for a walk while I made dinner (pesto and mozzarella stuffed chicken breasts, yum!). However, I did snap this crappy photo out the kitchen wind that night.

Obviously I didn't take a close look at it because the little icon on my phone looked good. Today when I pulled it up, I realized the lens had focused on the window screen. Oops... Sorry. But you can still see the oaks glowing in  the sunset. Fridays rain, snow and wind have taken many of those leaves down.

But, back to my week. This week was crazy! I put in a lot of hours, and my one day off was supposed to have just some computer training for 3-4 hours on it, jumped up to several hours due to a slow computer. Ugh, so I was ready for yesterdays short 10a-2p shift and some time home. While the Guy finished up the re-running of the sump pun and water softener drainage, I cleaned up the massive amounts of dead beetles in the garage (I think having a ready protein source like that in the garage was adding to the mouse problem), and running the John Deere over the leaves in the front yard. Yeah yeah, mulching is easier and eco friendly. Then we took the kiddos for a good walk before dinner.

Emmitt was the only one who would cooperate for a picture. When I tried to get Sullivan's attention, he turned his back and walked off trail. Opinionated dogs are such pains... Almost all the leaves are down where we have been walking them. Can't wait to see how it looks in the snow here, and possibly get to ski with the boys! That would be great fun for sure. And I'm sure this park will be just as beautiful as the Provin trails as spring starts to green up the woods again.

Emmit however is starting to get old, and just as stubborn as his sister was in her maturity. He is 9 after all in just a few days. He really didn't want to give up the good chair last night when we were watching Brave (Silence! It's a great animated flick, and I felt compelled to continue the Scottish theme that Prairie Home Companion left us with). And as you can see, The Guy let him get away with these antics...

Can you say push over?

Anyway, speaking of dogs and the like, I have been thinking hard, and harder every time a mouse is found inside, of getting a cat. But today I was thinking, maybe a small dog instead? Those little terrors, I mean terriers, were bred for rat and mouse killing after all... And we're not allergic to dogs, which let me tell you, I've enjoyed not living on Zyteck 356 days of the year since moving here. It's a thought, I'll keep you posted. I'm no more a small dog fan than I am of the thought of a cat. Either way, there's no guarantee that either will be a good mouse since Shiela was a selfish one and never shared the secret and the joy of  the mouse hunt with her boys because that meant she would have had to share the kill...

And, it's dog bath weekend, so I better get cleaned up and moving. Hope you all enjoy your extra hour of sleep like I did.

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  1. for sure enjoyed my extra happy i wasn't working it. no fair reminding me that Blossom just turned 9 as well. i have been in denial. for sure a bit slower and chases the toy a bit less than previous years. i want her to live forever and i have told her this on many occasions!