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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Recognize this scene?

That's right, that's a Wyoming sunrise. Beautiful skies I honestly do miss form Wyoming. The wind that scrubs those skies clean of haze and leaves beautiful high ice clouds for the rising and setting suns to paint, not so much.

And the beautiful earth and rock formations. The wind that helps carve such formation? Nope.

In other words, we were glad to be home. After 6 days gone, 4 of those driving for The Guys mother's funeral we were beat. Heck, I'm still beat thinking about it. I'm sure The Guy is more so on some levels. It's a rough reason to go home, and a rough trip to and from. Not fun. So, for those that wonder why I don't call them and set up "hang time", it wasn't that kind of trip. We got to see a few people, but it was more about family and goodbyes. Thank you once again to everyone who left kind words and well wishes. It was nice to see them as they arrived.

I too, have had a break from the ol'blog. Why, I couldn't tell you. I honestly haven't been snapping a lot of pictures lately. Though I do plan on heading out with the boys shortly and trying to remedy that a bit with that new camera of mine. But even on the road, I didn't use the camera. To boot, I haven't had a lot to say. What I have been tempted to write, has been a bit bitchy and negative. Things I haven't even been able to put a humorous twist on. Things too emotionally charged in the news. It feels like everything lately has made me crabby. I seem to becoming a curmudgeon in my mid-thrities. I think I need to hold off for thirty more years before I let that attitude sink in on me. I better up the green veggie intake and get out in the sun and absorb some vitamin D.

But as you can here form the birds, spring is arriving, and I need to let it cheer me a bit and get back to doing things I love.

Don't worry, I have;'t given up everything I love. Still spinning, and playing with fiber. Still watching idiots hurt themselves on youtube. I have been letting myself get sucked into stupid loops on the computer, which I need to stop.

I think you all agree that I should stick to things that are a positive uses of my time while on the computer, like making blog posts. No?

Anyway, all that snow in those pics? It's gone. We've had a warm week here and the back yard is drying out and the front yard only has one little pocket left down near where we had a pond earlier in the week. The good trails are already dry enough for walks again so that the boys don't mope like you see above. Actually, he wasn't moping there, Emmitt was curled up having a post morning walk nap as I was in the shower.

Speaking of the shower, I need to go take one and we're going to head to a new park I think I may have found. I'll take the camera and keep you all posted. However, i promised a friend that I would make a blog post this weekend, so here it is! And I told another friend I would post this:

That's the "Sullivan Bed" typically. Fits him just right. Or he goes and sleeps on the guest bed upstairs that we keep covered. Last night he cuddled for a few minutes in our bed as he seemed to have a bad dream while I was brushing my teeth for bed. He cried and howled then went quiet. I just had to go check on him and he came up with me and crawled between us and cuddled for about 10 minutes before he decided he needed to go somewhere he could stretch out a bit.

You all have a good rest of your Sunday.


  1. Good to hear from you. Glad things are slowly returning to normal. We are having really warm days and the wind is more of a breeze. Still...I keep wondering if an Easter blizzard is waiting in the hills. Guess we shall find out. Best regards to all. - Joe

  2. Damn, I've missed you!! Thank you for blogging. Be sure and do it again real soon!

    Love Ya!