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Sunday, March 29, 2015

To Make Him Happy

The Guy wanted me to let you all know what a crazy Saturday evening we had. We hit up a bar, had a couple brews, then picked up a couple chicks apiece and took them home...

Oh, you thought I meant "chicks"? Well, technically they are, or more precisely  they're pullets. Or we hope they're pullets, though I wouldn't care too much if one ended up being a rooster. Though, if he's a cocky ass, he'll go in the pot.

The boys are unsure about all this. Okay, so Sullivan is unsure about all this. Emmitt is pretty sure we brought him home moving snacks, and Tucker just runs away. Yep, that's our brave boy there. Sullivan has been a bit nervous but that may be because he doesn't care to go down into the basement. When I brought them up this afternoon after cleaning out the brooding box, he was fairly mellow, came and sat down next to me snuffled one good. Interested for sure, but not barely contained predator like Emmitt. Now why couldn't that pointy-eared wee heathen have helped control mice? Damn Dogs.

Anyway, they're from a local feed store and we may get eggs but we're more hopeful for free lawn fertilizer and bug eating. Hopefully they'll deter the frogs from the back yard too, so there will be less death by lawn mower. We're going to do some platings in the lower front yard and let it grow in more naturally, maybe throw out some wildflower seed and we'll hope the reptiles, amphibians, and little four-legged critters decide to stay down there.

Speaking of dogs, I used some of Tucker's fur to make a little yarn. Yep, that's right, that's dog yarn. I made it for a talk I'll be doing here this next month for a local yarn crawl. I'll be giving a little chat about different fibers and what not. and let's face it, none of my yarns are complete with out some canine fiber...

And speaking of yarns, I've whipped a couple others out this last week. I wrapped up this 50/50 mix of tercel and merino.

For those of you who know what I'm saying, can you tell it's a fractal spin? It's all plyed and I'll share photos when she comes off the bobbin and gets washed.

I was impressed with how close I came to finishing both bobbins together. There was less than two yards left on the second bobbin. But whenever I focus on consistency in my singles, the multiple singles end up very close in finished length, just not normally this close.

I wrapped up this more rustic two ply that isn't near as consistent this morning. okay, so the picture is a bit rustic too. I'll get a new picture of it when it's washed and wrapped up properly as well. I've used fiber from this merchant before and I'm just never really satisfied with it. Their products have beautiful color, but the fiber itself, isn't wonderful.  Not bad, just not wonderful. I'm just spoiled I guess...

Since I don't have anyone to give the bobbin remains to here yet, I've been making a n-ply self striping yarn with the little pieces. It will be interesting when it's done as it's all kinds of fiber, prep, and thickness of singles.

Well, speaking of that class, I actually need to get some stuff together regarding it and tomorrow. And I'm afraid being stuffed as I am, I might fall asleep in front of the computer. I found some lovely little mangoes at the store today as I was shopping for dinner makings.

Together with some tomato's, avocado, and some lime juice and spices, they made a great salad spread across some greens.

Add that to some homemade enchiladas, and things were pretty good. But I'm a bit stuffed.

So, need to get some stuff done, then go play with some baby birds!


  1. good luck with the cute!! Blossom has such beautiful fur...she'd make some sweet yarn!! :-) if you need some great dog hair of a more yellow hue let me know. she always shares, especially this time of year.

  2. Gorgeous yarns. Great cooking. Fun pictures of The Guy and the Kids, let alone the new chew toys for Emmit. Ooops, chickens. Glad to hear all is well. Take care -Joe

  3. Love the spinning, Q! It's almost time for our spinning days on the mountain. I can't wait. I'm tired of winter.
    Miss You!