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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's Hot... Too Dang Hot.

At least for this thick blood. So yesterday since I got done with work early, I loaded the boys up and we headed west to the shore line in the late morning as it started to bake around here.

There at least there was a breeze and water to cool off in. It was still 84 degrees, but more manageable with water and a breeze.

Here at the house, it's just stifling. Muggy, hot, and still as can be. Hot to the point that we decided to water trees the other night as I watered the garden because the forecast is for more of the same, and our chance for showers and thunderstorms has dried up as well.

And as usual at the lake Sullivan had to try to tease his older brother by proving that he can stand on the bottom further out and keep the toy away from him.

Though he still gives it up when Emmitt pushes the point. You know brothers, they just have to be asses. It happens.

And speaking of, there's this crazy who won't swing but will eagerly await on the shore like he's herding their actions out there and try to steal the toy when they bring it in. All the attention, must be on THE TUCKER!!!

They keep us young. Though I'm sure Emmitt's aging bones will be talking got him tonight after hot sun, romps, and cool water.

Last night while I was watering the garden, I realized I was being watched by more than the mosquitos. See the big green hopper there peaking around the leaf? Overtime I moved he scuttled around to peak out the other side to keep an eye on me. It was kind of funny.

Midge had her second round of shots, and she's up to almost 4 pounds! Seems like she should be more than that since she's grown so much. Remember this photo?

Well, I swear she's bigger now.

Just ask Tucker. He thinks she looks like a tasty croissant in the bakery window here.

She's decided that the mat the water sits on is a good place to sharpen claws. I'm letting her have this thought as it suits my preference that the little dog hair trapping nubs fall off sooner. Now if only she would quit playing in the water. And see that new range? The old one was white, I promise you, that ones new.

I used it to make these yesterday morning. Oh Boy! I love blueberries. Had to use those fresh eggs somehow. We're now had 4. Scarlett is truly a Scarlett it seems. She's the only one we've caught brooding so far. To be honest at this point all three are hens for sure, but there was some doubt there for a bit.

Have a good week everyone!

Speaking of being hot, this is kind of how I feel, but she says it better.


  1. That video was hilarious!! I could not stop laughing! I will have to repost that on Facebook during our next heatwave.
    It's so lovely to hear from you more often again! Hope you get a reprieve from this heat - and the devil's ass crack - soon! "Jesus, be a raindrop...or central air....because I just can't breath."

  2. i'm headed to Barrow tomorrow...she should join me there. temps are 30-40's right now. :-) haha.