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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We Have Eggs!

Well... err... we have an egg, but it's a beginning.

Being not sure how exactly old this egg was, I was a bit trepidatious about cracking it, but I did and it seemed fine so I fried it up to be used in one of our breakfasts tomorrow morning. A fried egg sandwich is always a great way to start the day.  We're not sure how old it is because we've not been on the look out for eggs yet. We were thinking it would be a few more months still.

I knew it was at least less than a week as I put the coop to rights after last Monday nights little tornado. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that in the last post. We had a tornado. It really was a little one, I promise. An EF-0 to be precise on how small. But a tornado none the less and I'm wondering if that's why I'm not sleeping so hot. Besides it's freaking hot for this thick blooded Alaskan. Nerves, though I know logic says we're safe for a few years now. They're kind of like lightening. And for heavens sake, for a state that rarely has them, we've had four now I think, all nearby.

We're safe, fur and feather kids are safe, what little mess we had is cleaned up and put back together so it's all fine, but still... I would take an earthquake any day, let me tell you. Saturday we had a thunderstorm coming through and one of the peels of thunder was so loud and long it caused things to shake, and I was almost as bead as Tucker, wanting to run for the basement. But as soon s it faded and I realized it was just thunder, I was fine. As it was I was probably lucky to wake up at all with our little earthquake. What got my attention out of sleep was the doozy of a thunderstorm. The lightening here is really impressive. When the hail started clacking on the A/C unit in the bedroom window it woke me up. Then I laid there for a bit watching the lightening and as I started to drift back off, the rain and hail just stopped. And I head the wind coming. Thankfully, i had the sense to jump out of bed, grab some clothes on the way past the drawers and shout for the dogs to follow me downstairs. Just as I was snagging a phone and my wallet on the way we heard things start banging around on the porch. We camped down there for a bit. I checked the phone to see the warning had passed and we went back to bed. Okay, I slept what little I could on the futon. Just because. I'm like that.

Despite everything going on, I have done a minute amount of spinning for this years Tour de'Fleece. Not much, but I got this lovely Falkland gradient done. I love it.

And just because I'm a boy and I like bugs, I have to have this picture. Who doesn't like cook looking beetles on the thistles. Makes me feel like i'm in Ireland.

Anyway, that's the first of my hopefully more frequent shorter posts. I'm going to try to build a habit here guys. Now off to do what this little one is doing. Have a great night everybody.

PS: Sarah, Thank you thank you thank you. As I was trying to sound calm and logical I didn't think I could say it how you did, but it's what I really wanted to say. But then I like the V word...


  1. Do you know the float test for eggs? Put an egg in enough water to submerge it. If it sinks, it's fresh; if one end lifts; it's "fresh enough;" if it floats, it's too old.

  2. Wait, chickens?? How have you not discussed this before? I require an entire post about chickens, post haste! Casper City Council just approved the first reading of a chicken ordinance, just two more to go. Not that I'm planning to get any chickens anytime soon. A new dog is more than enough for me right now. Ain't nobody got time for chicken shit around here!
    I didn't realize you guys could get tornadoes! Crazy! I adore summer thunderstorms. After 15+ yrs in Alaska and all that cold pissing rain we'd get, a good warm afternoon storm is pretty awesome.
    I find it funny that you like the V word but not the V.
    I will concede. Your kitten is the most adorable kitten in the entire world. Like seriously. You're allowed to post more pictures. Just keep her in your lap. Those things are possessed, you know.