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Friday, October 7, 2016

I Aint Forgot 'Bout You...

I promise, I really do plan on keeping up with the blog again. And I swear I haven't forgotten about it. It's just been that things are kind of busy around here with the looming move, trying to get the kitchen done and everything else that's going on. I promise, there are pics of the kitchen coming soon. I have before and afters stashed up and waiting for the final ones when the last of our crap is done.

I already got some hits on the blog and to my email about Pampered Chef. So I wanted to throw up a post here to let you know I heard you. This is my personal chunk of Pampered Chef universe here at should you want to order something. I at this time don't have a party going on but you can feel free to order outside of a party from there should you need something. Finding someone with a party was always a problem for me when I needed things and to be honest is one of the reasons I've decided to be a consultant. It's all about me and my free stuff...  Kidding. But this blog is not going to be place for me to try to sell stuff. I'll probably share new toys when I fall in love with something but I'm not a sales person by nature and I don't want this to become a place of pressure. Feel free to message me with questions and I'll be glad to find out what I can for you and I will probably post when I get ready to do some virtual parties. But enough of that...

How about some pictures of other things? Like Mushrooms?

These  are the ones I sent to you Betsy the day I snapped them.

And Eggs... Yes, to the person who was worried about the future of our girls, we have a new home lined up for them. We are averaging 4 or 5 a day. We still are having wonky ones from the girls as their bodies come onto laying production.

Autumn is definitely upon us as the trees start to change but if we aren't raining here we are still solidly in the 70's. luckily we've had a breeze most days that clears the mugginess. So perfect time for a sweater, right? Sure.

While running the vacuum I noticed a big bug on the window. At first I thought it was one of our monster grasshoppers but then its shape struck me as wrong. I didn't even know we had praying mantis' in Michigan, much less huge ones! It was longer than my hand was wide. No, I didn't hurt it. It was being a buddy and hunting box elder bugs. I have better pics I'll share later. Just a warning.

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