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Monday, October 24, 2016

OOOHhhhh MMmmmmmyyyyyy GGGGGGhhhhhhheeeeeerrrrrrrrrddddDDD!!!!

Okay. So here's the thing. This damn computer just ate my entire post. I've been working on it since yesterday, and it's all gone. Well, not the computer. Blogger seems to have eaten it. Even though I had a draft saved, and periodically have hit the button as I've typed. So, I'm done. I don't have another round of that in me. For those that blog, you know that it's never as quick as it seems it would be. Even though I can't care enough about the text to rewrite, I'm going to leave you with these. No pun intended there, I swear.

I had to play with the colors to get the reds/oranges back that were washed out but I like the effect it had.

I mentioned early this very day that our cat wasn't a cuddle, so she decided to prove me wrong.
Kind of... Actually she was lovey for about 20mins before deciding that I MUST PLAY! It looks mean but she's actually goofing off here. It was a gentle bite and no claws to try and get me to chase her.
So She'll go annoy her brother instead.

Troll Ears!

And let's not forget last weeks hunter moon, sorry, just a crappy iPhone pic.

And I was planning on sharing this too. I was amazed and have watched it several times since I stumbled across it.

Now my internet has glitches several more times since I started retyping so I think that's someone telling me to get offline. Have a great night guys.

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