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Friday, November 4, 2016

Before the day gets away from me

This is just a quick one before the movers get here and the internet goes away. Yep, it's that kind of day. We've been busting butt wrapping things up here for the movers to pack our stuff up today. We don't hit the road until Sunday but it's going to be "living rough" until we get settled.

Living rough? No internet? Nah... it's more that we'll be living out of a bag apiece and a single box of kitchen items until we get to the house on the other end and our stuff shows up. Hopefully that's Thursday for our stuff, Wednesday for us (yes, we're taking a mellow pace this time). I'm going to a single day of the knitters retreat tomorrow then we ourselves hit the road on Sunday. And yes, I do feel mildly guilty leaving The Guy to do all the cleaning. I'm hoping after the movers leave to get a big chunk done.

Sorry, photos as I'm doing this on my iPad. I packed up the computer and all the other electronic last night. See how I am?

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  1. safe travels to your new home and all the best getting settled in once you arrive!!