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Sunday, November 13, 2016


Good Evening,

We have arrived, we have had the so-called movers place most of our belongings in the house, and we have unpacked, sorted, shifted, re-sorted, shuffled and done the majority of our unpacking in the new place. And I realize... we have a lot of stuff. Then I think about the small amount of the truck we took up, and the words of the so-called movers, and a walk through the neighborhood today with the yard work and decorating weather making it easy to peruse open garage doors and I realize we don't have as much as some. Thank you Sweet Baby Jeebuz because I don't know what we would do with it. Oh wait, I do. We would have a garage you can't walk through and we would park on the street.

With that all being said, there is no pictures today with this post again. Why? Because I just got the new desk set up, the computer and internet back playing together though I haven't managed the printer yet. Add that to all the other things we have been trying to get done before The Guy returns to work tomorrow and it doesn't leave a lot of spare time. No, I didn't miss the irony of having a new desk after commenting on all the crap we have. If it helps, it's to replace the old little table I used as a desk since I had my first apartment in Alaska. Yes, it was that old and starting to show it's age. I noticed as I was packing up the computer that it had been gnawed on by a dog on one corner, most likely a foster and tallying that up with the other wear and tear it's showing, decided it didn't need to make the move. It was time to go away, so it was given to goodwill. It will make some poor kid in their first place a great little desk, aquarium stand, sofa table, or some other various flat surface to put crap on. Don't worry, pictures are coming.

On that note, we did get rid of a lot of stuff before moving, and now we're at that point of not having places to put things because we don't have the furniture for it. You know, things like bookcases and tables, those sort of things. Our coffee table that thankfully we decided at the last minute to bring is being utilized as a television stand due to our temple of the TV being destroyed by the movers. Oh, and we had to buy a new chair to replace the two we sold in Michigan and The Guy got himself a new rocker to replace the one the movers broke... You see how this works?

With all that being said, let's return to the real world outside my little self contained sphere of madness and chaos and look at what happened in our nation this week. What the Holy Flying Fig Newtons did you people do? No, I don't blame you guys. I blame our education system that pushes for higher and higher levels of education for jobs that do not require such certificates yet pushes out dumber and more ignorant self absorbed graduates each year. I blame a consumerist culture that thinks that someone who has run a "successful" business can run a country. Forgive me but I still fail to see how someone who has had to claim bankruptcy or fallback on these tax loopholes for incredible losses to his bottomline is considered a success. I blame this failure for a large section of our population to be unable to recognize that our government was built on a separation of church and state to realize that their bible thumping is definitely their right, but it is not their right to use their religions views and beliefs to infringe on others rights outlined by our constitution.

Now, let me stop pointing my finger, because we've seen this week what finger pointing, name calling, and other hateful behavior gets us. Let me instead say that from this point forward, I will try to give Donald Trump, the respect of the office he won. No matter how I feel about him, he is now our President Elect, which means that until January 20th, 2017 I will try everyday to be hopeful. Hopeful that as things settle down, the hate, the bigotry, and the sheer ugliness fades away into the background and we will see change for the good. I will stop judging his ability to do a job he has not yet filled, and instead hope that he is able to hold the office and show the decorum and presence we hope and expect from our leader, and show some talent for the politics needed to guide this country of ours.

After January 20th, I believe he has a heavy load to carry; and I truly hope he can for the eyes of not only our country are on him, but the rest of the world. His behavior, his demeanor, and his character are on show for all to see and for the sake of our country I do hope he can pull it off. But let me say this, I will personally judge him on his actions, his words, and his behavior, and I hope the country does too. More importantly, I hope the country remembers this.

This is what we get when we let ourselves get this ridiculously stuck in a system that is antiquated and needs revised to fit our countries current needs. These two candidates (and I use that word with some acidic sarcasm) were our two best? That's sad. Truly. At the very least, I hope this let's Hilary know that she's not liked, and definitely not trusted, and go take some more speaking gigs and get out of the political arena. I mean, to think that you had a shot at the presidency and with all your competitions screw ups, foul hateful bigotry, and misogynistic rhetoric, you managed to lose to that. Take the clue. The Clinton's are not the political powerhouse you thought you were. Let's be done.

However; again, we have had a candidate win the popular vote whilst losing the electoral votes needed to assure the office. How can this be? How does this make any sense? This day in age, we have the technology, and the ability to let the peoples voice, which is what democracy is supposed to be about, to make the decision yet we rely on a system that takes that voice away. I obviously don't like the first loser to the race anymore than the winner but I think the system is broken. No, not rigged, don't even go there, but I do feel that it's broke. It needs fixed, lets do it.

And before anyone shouts about the other two candidates, lets be honest, there were not two other viable candidates. Johnson seems to have cracked under the pressure of running and the green party... Let's hope in four years they give us a better showing.

I know, I hear people say, "Who is he talking about? There were two other candidates?" Yes, and that's another problem. All we saw on this campaign was the richest and most powerful. Not the best and brightest, and that's a problem. We need to limit spending on these events, we need to limit airtime, and we need see if they can play inside those rules. I don't want to be tired of seeing your face on my television or sidewalks before you're even elected. I shouldn't hate you all before I ever get to cast my ballot.

And the parties... I don't have that in me tonight. I don't like politics. I don't like hashing them out, I don't want to ever be a politician, and dammit, this is not why I keep a blog, so I'm not going there tonight as I can't wrap my head around what I want to really say, so I'm going to leave at this:

Have hope. It's four years, our system has checks and balances built into it and fingers crossed, we don't need them. Have hope that he can do some good with his time in office. Have hope that others will let their stars shine bright enough that we can see that there is light there, and a better direction to go. Have hope that we are a great nation, not used to be one that needs someone to shine back up to great, but we are great. Right now. We have good people walking the streets doing good things for those that need it. Have hope, and the strength to let your own light show and to do those good things for those that need it. Have hope that each day we can look at your neighbors and not see our differences that force us apart, but see our similarities and let those bring us together. For it's the things that bring us together; our strengths, our freedoms, our rights, our liberties, or hopes, that make us a great nation. Right now. Not tomorrow, not after January 20th, not in four years, or eight, but RIGHT NOW. Today.

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