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Monday, May 30, 2011

Ugh, First Summer Cold of the Season

I know, you're thinking "What in the world is a summer cold?" Well, anyone with summer allergies probably knows what this is. It's that, I have now become I snot pot for any bacteria to land in and begin breeding like bunnies on meth. One day you have an allergy sniffle. You know, the one where you feel like you nose is a tap with a drip and you even consider walking around with a kleenex wadded in your nostril to quell the drip. The next, you have so much sinus pressure you wish your face would just go ahead and explode and fall off so you would look like one of those flubbed suicide attempts with a shot gun. If any of the few readers here have tried to commit suicide and are now missing most of your face, my sincerest apologies, but please let me know, do you get sinus pressure/pain anymore?

Okay, enough whining about the cold. I'll survive so no use going on about it. I really should be doing yard work, or washing animals, or any other number of things, but I decided to update the blog. I figured it had been a whole work week plus some and I still hadn't posted a thing so I better get to it.

I finally finished the socks for Bob's birthday and tried to make myself knit on a this baby hat I've had on the needles since before the socks were cast on, but it;s the most damnable tedious thing. Then I decided, "hey, I've been good, I finished the wretched sock ribbing. I deserve something better than this!" So I cast on this last night before bed.

It's purdy. I went to Cheyenne on Friday and found this really nice little yarn shop. I spent WAY too much money but I couldn't resist. I found this fantastic green 40% Meriono, 40% Silk and 20% Bamboo yarn and knew it would be perfect to replace this purple stuff I just wasn't enjoying. I've already done this pattern once in a wool silk blend but am teaching a class on it so am re-knitting it again to demo on. Here's the original.

As I was dealing with the camera I stumbles on this cute scene which makes me want to cuddle up with them right there in the bed.
Remember, I warned you. I'm an animal guy. You're going to read about my monsters. Last night as I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed I found the kids had already settled down. If you knew my dogs you would wonder why the speckled girl in the middle has the bone. She's a dedicated opportunist. She'd make a great hyena. Always hungry, would beg food from an ethiopian and willing to eat anything, but bones and toys she has no time for. Not enough calories. I assume the boys were playing with the bone and she stole it so they'd shut up and let her sleep in peace.
I know I said I was done whining, but I think I'm going to crash and hope I can sleep like Sullivan here.  It would be oh so nice to crash and actually rest not cough, hack, and sniffle.

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