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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morning... and My True Feelings

I am not, as one would say, a "Morning Person" Oh there's nothing wrong with mornings in general, and I find them particularly beautiful when I work a night shift and can open the bedroom window to golden sunlight and flower scented air before laying down to sleep. It's not a time issue at all. It's a matter of being awake issue. You see, I'm just not a graceful waker. That's truly the problem.

I am one of those people who would prefer to wake up with the house to myself. Like this morning. Perfect! I woke up to a rarely polite Great Dane staring at me letting me know that he needed to go potty. I know you're thinking, "That's perfect how?" If you understood just how hard I can sleep you would appreciate that the stare woke me up prior to the smell of a fresh horse Dane pile by the back door. Especially if in our ill grace said dane stepped in said pile and then proceeded to wander the house. That is never a pleasant way to wake. Yes, that is experience speaking

So, I arose, let the well trained dogs who have already been fed by their benefactor Bob out, pottied myself and lay in bed for a few more minutes savoring the fact that the dogs came back in and laid down awaiting for me to awaken enough to invite them for a cuddle. So here we are, laying in bed considering what to do next.

I was thinking that it would be great to go down to the local coffee shop with my knitting, order some tea and enjoy the morning in quiet revelry of my knitting. Alas, the coffee shop closes at 1100. This would be rushing the morning yarn time. I have a couple errands I could get out of my way, but no, I am not quiet awake enough to push my presence among the other drivers. Road rage barely covers what may ensue.

I could get the cats bath out of the way. That way I could shower afterwards and not worry about changing clothes. Wash away the blood and throw away the tattered shirt.  Kidding. For coming to us as a mostly grown kitten and getting a late intro to the monthly baths, she handles them amazingly well. After the initial baleful glare and protest she decides it's a pleasant warm shower and stands with the point of her back between her shoulder blades pressed to the faucet and just relaxes while I scrub. Why wash your cat you ask? I'm allergic and I notice a definite improvement if she gets a monthly bath.

Then I saw the blossoming tulips and nettle in the back yard and the slowly rocking hammock and had an inspiration. So here I am, brewing a morning pot of tea and putting on extra layer to enjoy the spring morning outdoors with the knitting before the wind gets to strong today. Man I love my 12hr night shift schedules some days.
All of us, myself, the knitting, the four dogs and now solitary cat (I think though she misses are Java, she enjoys being the only cat, if only that damn Dane would stop picking her up) hope you started your day as well.

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