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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I know, I pride myself in having thick Alaskan blood, and this does sound dangerously close to whining about the temperature. I assure you, I will try to keep the whine to a minimum. Because no matter my thoughts on being outdoors, I have the Sullivan Monster who would always prefer to be romping in a good snow or a cool river.

We finally got a real snow. I don't know what the final inches of precipitation were but we ended up with at least 6 inches of the fluffy white stuff. LOVE it. And so does Sullivan. You would think that a dog who will stand and shiver when he quits running like a mad man wouldn't have this fondness for snow, but you'd be wrong. He didn't forget from last winter what that fluffy white stuff was or how much fun it is to run and roll and knock your smaller siblings, even if they are older around in it.

And to be honest, it's not the snow that bugs me. It's the Wind that came up today to blow the snow to Nebraska. Hope you guys enjoy our snow. Sullivan and I will both miss it. It's that wind that slices through any amount of clothing you pile on. It will find it's way around any zipper flap, through all gussets and simply freeze your bum off. It's amazing how cold a stiff breeze can make a balmy 30 degrees feel like. And that is what makes me say Brrrr.

Hope you are all enjoying a good post Halloween sugar buzz. We're off to knit night!

Sorry, I have no Sullivan romping in the snow pics. I value my fingers too much to risk frost bite. Maybe some other day.


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