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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sometimes you need to be a bit selfish

And I have been the last couple of days. I knit for me. It's been a while. In fact, it's been about a year. I tend to knit for others. I see a pattern that yeah, I like and find interesting and my fingers itch to play with and see what comes of it. Or something in the back of my mind tickles on an idea for a creation and before I know it, anytime knitting is on my mind I'm messing with the thought. But with it all, I'm normally also thinking about who would like the item. Last year I knit myself a neck muffler that was cabled and dual layered with a lanolin rich wool outer layer and a soft cozy alpaca liner for walking dogs in the Wyoming Wind. Since then, they're has been a single pair of socks that was meant as a warm up to knitting two at a time socks. I figures that way if they were horrible, I wouldn't mind.

But now... I knit something for me that I've been wanting for a bit. Jared Flood's Koolhaas hat. I originally knit one last year with a set of matching fingerless gloves to have as a teaching model for a class. After class was completed they ended up being a Christmas Present for a co-worker. I then made a smaller one for a nephew and have used it a modified version for baby hats a couple times since. But I always wanted one for me.

And here it is. I decided after I was working on a pair of socks and someone mentioned that the yarn matched my eyes that if I had enough remaining for a hat I was going to make myself a hat from it. And I did!

So the last two nights I have been working on this. I thought I had it all completed last night, bound off, wove in my ends and went to the bathroom to check out my handiwork. Then I had that moment. You fellow knitters know the moment. That heart sickening moment that you know you screwed up. I had thought as the hat grew that it was getting too long. I had exceeded 6 inches of hat body and decided to stop at four repeats of the pattern. Me, a big head?!? Well, it would appear so. My ego is bruised deeply. Okay, well perhaps not.

This morning I got up, started the lasagne sauce for tonight's feast and sat to rip out the crown of the hat and re-knit the extra repeat. I'm just thankful hat was all the was required. Now, taking pictures of the back of my own head? That was a bit more challenging. God Bless Duct Tape. I no longer have a functional tripod, so no helpful suggestions guys.

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  1. Okay, Q. Now I can say I noticed your eyes. And very handsome eyes, indeed. The green yarn does compliment them very well. Congrats on a nice cap. - Joe