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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Days Off...

The last two days have been very enjoyable. I have made the conscious decision to just kind of take each day slowly and hang with the dogs, get some knitting done, cook and just enjoy the days. This morning I got up, fed the Muttley crew, fish, and bitchy kitty before delving into prepping a buffalo stew before going back to bed. Really, that sounds so much lazier than it is. I went to bed just shy of 0100 this morning, slept until 0500, crashed again at about 0700 before getting up at 1100. That is only 8 hours of broken up sleep. When I got up, I cleaned up, took the kids out for a good romp on the mountain and then came home and attacked brownies.

I tried but was unsuccessful to text the smell of the house this afternoon to a fellow knitter who had requested it. Verizon really needs to get on that little calling plan feature. Of course, the pranking ability of such things is maybe what's keeping that out of the Research and Development Department. Yep, all those college buddies of yours that said, Dude, smell this." or "You wanna smell my finger?" Would just send you said nastiness in a neat little text. Never mind Verizon, scratch that thought.

This evening I fed the kids again then headed to knit night. And it was grand. I took the crockpot of stew and two pans of brownies (we have to have nut free choices for some) and others brought wine and we had a veritable little feast. So, maybe a lot of knitting didn't get done. A 2 year old had good laughs and times, we got to see two friends off for their wedding and all in all, just enjoyed one anothers company.

So, here I sit after coming home to walk the dogs again thinking, I need to get another blog post up for this week before returning to work. What does one blog about when one has made a point of doing nothing in particular. I have generally stayed out of public as much as possible so I don't even have little quips, stories or irritations to share. So I'll share the things that have given me the greatest smiles the last two days and the pieces of wisdom I've gleaned from them.

Not much in this world is better than a good butt scratch.
The world is such a friendly place when you have a good stick with you and someone willing to throw it.
The breeze in our hair makes any day seem brighter and sunnier.
There's not much better than cool water to wade in...
Unless it's cool mud between to toes.
And a run with a good bud through tall grass to dry off.
Oh, and don't forget to slow down and rest when needed.

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  1. I agree...what a great way to spend the day off. And having a grand time with friends mades it even better. Loved the stew. And the brownies?...Divine! - Joe