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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Peaceful Weekend

I decided to break up the Sunday morning relaxing with a bit of blogging. I typically brew myself a pot of teas as Bob walks the dogs over for a paper and relax in my chair knitting on Sunday morning's. It's to pay myself back for the typical Saturday morning of cooking and scrubbing.

This morning's project is a continuation of the Christmas Socks.
This is the third set of eight I have to get done. I finally broke down on this set and converted them to two at a time. One of my biggest issues with socks is getting them to match. This way I know I'll have to identical socks, barring any major stupidity on my part. We can always hope.

Being the first weekend of the month, we got the kids to the bath after a good romp. We normally hold off on river outings for at least a couple days after baths in a vain attempt at keeping the dogs clean. We know it's useless but we all have dreams don't we? So before hand we normally get them out for a good romp before hand to get some energy off.

It also helps for when you're having people over for dinner. You don't always have to keep telling them to go lay down while serving if they're tired enough to do so on their own. Makes people think my dogs are good.

Of course, getting up in the early dark hours of the morning to get the soup on and pies cooked leaves you kind of exhausted by the time you're sitting around after dinner and desert. I apologize to my guests for trying to fall asleep with my wine in hand while your were talking. It wasn't a commentary on your conversation, I promise. I had just been at it from early on. Don't gripe, you got the better part of the deal, I promise.
Oh, and just to pass on the peaceful feelings, here's a blood pressure lowering picture of the newest denizens of the menagerie.

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