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Friday, September 30, 2011

Tight, knitting that is.

Another week at work down. Whew. Now I can relax a few days and get some knitting, cooking, and cleaning done. I know, the gall of some people. Do they really expect me to earn my keep? Sheesh.

Now that I have some spare time I'll get some more posts up here. Just what everyone wanted, no? Yeah, we all have our delusions, let me keep mine.

I got a bit of knitting done this week. Two sets of the needed eight pairs of Christmas socks done. I'm making them out of Cascade 220. It's a really affordable wonderful wool yarn that comes in a great color selection. It can feel stiff while knitting but it really softens up with a washing when it's all done. It's almost as great as their Eco Wool. I'm knitting these things so tight that I'm actually wearing out the tips of my bamboo needles. I'll be switching to my metal circulars and using the magic loop method to finish the others up.

The two that are done are for two of Bob's brother-in-law's. The yarn beneath them are the other colors I'll be using. The blue will be for another of his sister's and her husband in the same reversal of colors as the two sets that are done. The dark green will be for my uncle and the light sagey green color for my mom. The middle green is for another of his sisters and the brown is for my brother who is always trying to showcase his masculinity. I figured I was safe with a simple brown. If not, screw it. I figured I better make him a set of thick socks since his wife is getting this...

Well, I better get dogs out for a romp and get to chopping veggies for dinner. Have a great day everyone.

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