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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tired Texting?

Early Tuesday morning round about two-thirty I sent out the following text message to a group of friends. “I really hope we all turn our cell phones down at night because… I swear this is NOT drunk texting. And I know this because as I sit here watching the Glee episode ‘Blame it on the Booze’ and drink directly from the wine bottle, there is only a glass worth of wine left over from Sunday’s Dinner and it is my first and last drink of the night, no, this is one of those moments where I pause in my knitting and think, ‘Is this sad? 32 and drinking from the bottle with my faithful muttley crew and the lone puss of the house while watching a show aimed at teens?’ Then it dawns on me that perhaps this is more appropriate for my blog. Have a good day everyone!”

First, don’t rag on me about watching Glee. I still don’t know why I love this show as much as I do. The truth of the matter is that I bought the entirety of season 2 last week so I could get caught up before season 3 starts since I actually have cable these days. But considering the amount of women I know who sport “Team Edward or Jacob” T’s and some of the horribly inappropriate comments I’ve overheard coming from both middle aged women and men about a certain Justin Bieber I don’t feel bad about enjoying Glee. I don’t lust after any of the characters or their actors. I truly just enjoy the story line(s). A lot. Maybe it’s the musical theater and broadway numbers. I do fall into some of the stereotypes… Let’s not get into the stereotype conversation. covered those great last week.

Back on track though. I did have one of those self pity moments. You know the ones. Those, “Is this really it” moments. I think, well, I hope anyway so that I don’t sound like an overly whiny person that I’m not alone in having these moments every once in a while. In fact I know others that have them much more regularly than my every 6 months to a year. And as usual. I just needed a moment to think “And if it is, is this really so bad? I mean, I am enjoying sitting here knitting and watching Glee aren’t I? And should this be it, I have a several great friends, a few of them I would not have met should I not have moved to Casper WY. Two of my muttley crew wouldn’t be among my pack, and I probably wouldn’t have the guy in my life. Granted there may have been other good, or even great things should I have taken a different road, but lets not count on things that I have no way to know of. All I can measure is the here and now, and sitting here knitting on Christmas projects and enjoying a good show, with great music and occasional touching moments with the furry monsters who are just as willing to cuddle as they are to go for a hike and a group of friends who I know will either laugh at my ugly hour of the morning texts or at least shake their heads and think, “That’s our Q” is pretty damn good in my view. Here’s just to hoping that the friends didn’t get them until they awoke of their own means the following morning.

 Now, I'm off to walk some dogs before crashing. Hope you all have a great day.

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