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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vocabulary Lessons: FO - Finished Object

Now I know you non-knitters were thinking, "FO?" What happened now. Nothing, I promise. I just learned this acronym myself earlier this year. You would think with the time I've spent on knitting websites I would have known FO and WIP. For those trying to come up with another answer to the acronym game, it's Work In Progress. Not Wickedly Itchy Podiatrists or Worshiping In Panache. Yeah, that's the best this tired brain can come up with.

But back to FO's. Last posting I had a little on blocking. After I got that all done and posted and happy with myself I realized I screwed up the edge. Why didn't I take the pictures of the final products downstairs with me you may ask? Who knows. I tried to do some doctoring but I wasn't horribly successful since I blocked that pointed edge rather aggressively. I'll try playing with it some more, but here is the actual FO.

I also finished this project.

I'm really not happy with it but after tearing out again, don't ask for that final count, it's depressing, I decided that colorwork just isn't my thing and to move on. The one on the bottom is the original I was given by a coworker. It's her daughters who now has a baby boy of her own. The one on top is the re-creation of the original. Did I mention colorwork isn't my thing?  Anyway, I'm not charging for this piece at all. I'm very unhappy with the final results. I'm just going to give it to her and slink off before she can open the box. The original had some repair work that needed done. That I can happily say went much better. Under Santa's beard on this side was falling apart due to what looked like may have been mouse damage. The other side had the lettering also falling apart. I went back through with secondary yarn and re threaded the areas in question and they came out quite nice. I was tempted to fix Santa's eyes because... Well, he looks like he has down syndrome. I decided it wasn't asked of me though so I let them be.

Now, a WIP.

This is the Echo Flower Shawl. I started it this week and it's kind of slow going. Mainly due to distraction on my part. I've been planning my escape to Moab this weekend with an old school friend. We've known each other since the 2nd grade and graduated together. We're going to be rambling around Arches National Park without the dogs so I can actually get on the trails. Poor Bob has a wedding to attend this weekend so he gets to stay home with the critters. I'm thinking about staying the night in Salt Lake Monday. Are there any fun activities going on Monday night for Labor day?

Ah, the work week is done and I'm running away! I hope you all have a great weekend.

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