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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Week that Got Away

Uftah... Ever have one of those weeks that just snuck away from you? Seems like all I have these days. If only sleep weren't a requirement.

I spent Tuesday night driving north with a rescue dog heading to a new foster home. He was a sweety. Just laid in the back, came forward occasionally for a sniff and a pat and laid back down. I work with a rescue group in town on fostering and assisting in the occasional transport. I'm always amazed at these dogs that come out of shelters so quiet and shy then blossom into their full personalities as they get comfortable around their foster or permanent homes. This one was a border mix by the name of Sam. Just made me want to love on him.

The picture above was taken from my phone as I whizzed north. It doesn't do the scenery justice. We've had several wildfires burning across the state that left a beautiful haze in the setting sun that blurred and blended the hills around Kaycee beautifully. Of course I forgot the real camera at home.

Last night I attacked a project I've been putting off. It's a re-creation of a childhood Christmas stocking. I don't care much for color work. Simply put, I suck at it. I guess I should rephrase that as I don't care much for doing color work. I have seen a lot of dazzling color work. I prefer the more subtle myself but can appreciate the work itself. I myself am no good at it and prefer to play to my strengths, therefor I tend to steer clear of color work.

Today I have housework to do, and aquarium maintenance. After I get done with those joys I'll tear out the last several rows of last nights peach hued joy and retry. Fingers crossed.

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