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Friday, August 5, 2011

Work Appropriate Conversation? That Never Stopped Me...

Fluffer -noun
1. A machine used in textile factories to fluff fibers after weaving. Also known as a fuller
2. The title of a movie released in 2001 directed by Richard Glatzer about the role of the "Fluffer" on adult cinema sets
3. A person hired to keep male porn stars in a state of arousal to allow for prime filming opportunities on set and limit delays by utilizing oral sex techniques.
Now that we have a vocabulary lesson out of the way, our main concern is with the final definition. You see, over the last couple of weeks, this term has come up several times. Why, I'm not quite sure (Yes, there is the possibility that it's due to my mere presence in the conversation). Although tonight, it was stumbled across by a coworker on accident wherein which I proceeded to run with the new topic. Said coworker as well as the other three in the office at that time are now educated as to the third definition of the term "Fluffer; or, to Fluff".

I was then notified by my co-workers that they had informed a third party who worked in the ER of the terminology. Great... Now, I don't mind the continuation of the knowledge to others, I just hope and pray as this is at work that my name was not associated with the term. Of course it was. I then found out that this was a knowledge swap since I was asked if I knew what a "Jacob's Ladder" was, to which I replied that it was a plant. But no, this was in regards to genitalia piercings. I then took a wild guess of the only kind of piercing I could think this term would be in regards to since the extent of my genitalia piercing exposure has been in the patient - caregiver capacity.

Later in that shift I took a walk and ran into the third party. She asked about the term and I told her that I originally had come to have knowledge of the term because some friends of a past boy friend had rented the movie for our once monthly get together. It was an awkward evening. Let's just leave it at that. I had honestly not heard the term in a great many years until it was brought up jokingly in conversation with a group of friends where we then decided that we could all use a fluffer in our lives. It was maybe even a role we needed more than a cleaning lady. It would certainly improve my standard of living. Said third party laughed and stated that she too could use one and that all relationships whether straight, gay, multiple party could probably benefit. I certainly agreed. There are just days you're not in the mood and want to say, "Can you take care of that over there for me?" As you jerk your head over to your spouse, "I'm just not in the mood. I'm going to take a bath and read a book, thanks." I see in it the possibility of making things win-win for relationships every where. I wish I could give them out as wedding presents.

The only thing I could think of that would be better is a having a maid/fluffer. I mean, having someone in the house who will do the dishes, fold the laundry, scrub the floor and polish the knobs? How can that be bad? Okay, I'm getting carried away just for the sake of getting carried away. I really don't want such a person in my life. Well, I could use a house keeper... Until that day I guess I'll keep vacuuming up my own messes and those of the dogs. Speaking of fluffy, you should see some of the dust bunnies in my house. One brought back flashbacks of Donnie Darko the other day.
Really, I felt the need to bring this up because I notice these little runs of topics in my life. Not always along the adult theme either. Do you ever have those times where it seems like something keeps getting brought up in casual conversation with friends, family, or coworkers? Does it make you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something? No, I don't think the cosmos are trying to tell me or anyone else that we're lacking good oral stimulation. I just sometimes wonder about these thematic runs that occasionally happen. I know at times, it's just us spreading the theme. Something is said and before you know it, everyone is asking about something or joking about it creating a run. Other times it's less subtle. I one time thought about an event that happened a couple years prior and proceeded to run into the very RN who was involved within just a couple days as they were telling something about that same event. Neither of us still worked for that organization at this point.
Now I sit here trying to bring this whole little self therapy session on fluffing to an end with some kind of closure... Yeah, no closure I can come up with. So, hope you're enjoying what ever theme your world is on right now. That is if it's a good one. If you're on some twisted psychopathic theme, STOP. And I personally abhor when I get on a self pitying theme and I try to turn tale and run towards lighter, funnier times as fast as possibly. You know, Fluffy thematic subjects.

And on fluffy, here's the latest knitting. That's right, i'm knitting again. About time...

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