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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Jez,

I was going to write you a “make-nice” reply in that discussion thread as I went through later in the morning and saw you and your obvious friends’ responses. I just shook my head and wondered where you got the ideas that you had written there. I hadn’t said most of what you seemed to read into it, and I plainly didn’t understand some responders e-speak remarks. I don’t regularly speak in acronyms outside of my work associated ones. It’s a personal thing and something I find quite saddening to our culture.  I then thought, no, I’ll write her a personal email and went to your profile. Then I found myself stumped and unable to continue. First I thought it was because it was worthless. I should just let this die as the discussion thread. Even though I wanted to point out my feelings towards lack of inflection in written text and thought perhaps we just crossed wires. Or it was just the fact that our two sense of humor just weren’t well suited to one another. Not everyone gets other views, social inclinations, politics, religion or just their basic personality. We’re all different and have different likes and dislikes after all. Isn’t it great?

I even started to write it all out but was drawn back to the discussion forum and your profile and realized what my hang up was. I’m probably wrong since I have precious little to go on since you like to make assumptions about others but leave very little for others to find out about you on your profile. You see, I think the main issue is that you are the exact kind of person I was speaking of. Truly, you’re attitude of arrogance that I got off your postings and the self picture of a ginger bread man with the quip "bite me", sang out of the exact self righteous attitude I have found so irritating in life. And the fact that you made no efforts to know who I am and confirm your thoughts of me as a condescending ass towards women. Because if you had you would find that most of my friends are strong independent women that I cherish having in my life. My only role model in my young life had been a strong willed even bull headed mom who muscled her way through the ranks of military men to make a place for herself. But you wouldn’t know that… Nor would you know that the term hon wasn’t meant poorly, though I do admit it was a poor choice with even worse timing since I hadn’t realized how high your hackles seemed to be. And that, is because I don’t know you. 

You see, this is the internet. All things here are posted by people. Whether it’s an opinion, a humorous anecdote, a public notice, or just someones online blog. All of them, posted by people. And typically skewed by said persons point of view, personal morals and ethics, or whatever personality disorders and corrective drugs that effects them. That’s something I always try to keep in mind when I’m surfing. With that said, if you knew my friends, family, co-workers, and many acquaintances you would find out that I try to keep things as real as possible. I in real life do say horrible things. Sometimes like that particular time, I felt kind of smug about it, so I shared it. I on other occasions have made myself feel like a right true ass, as I think this posting also reflected had it been read as I meant it to be. But I can’t make you read it with my point of view or sense of sarcasm. You can only read it from your point of view, and I wish our two view points could have meshed easier. Actually, no I don’t. Because I’m not writing this for you, and I’m not writing this to make nice or apologize. Because the more I read your snotty remarks, the less I like you and really don’t care what you think. I’m writing this because I just wanted to get it off my chest so I can go to sleep, have a great rest and leave you to fume about that condescending ass you put in his place this morning. That little evil part of me even hopes it ruins your whole day. That little pearl of wisdom that I passed on that stated “If you don’t like it, don’t read it”. I stay true to that myself. I rarely comment online regarding things that I don't understand or didn’t find as entertaining as they did and tend to steer clear of their postings from there on out. Like I will when I see you and you’re buds. Obviously we’re not on the same wave length, and I’m okay with that to the point  that I don’t even care if you come here and read this posting. Like I said, it wasn’t for you, it was for me. I am a selfish ass in that sense.

Don’t bother emailing me, or commenting here or the other forum. This is the last I have to say on it because I believe in the wisdom that a dear old friend (She's even a girl!) told me once. “Arguing on the internet is like winning the sprints in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.” 

My apologies to anyone who might be bothered by that. I have no hard feelings or dislike of mentally handicapped people. There’s just wisdom there that despite the lack of political correctness, I think is very appropriate. And any of my readers who are stumped, don’t worry, it wasn’t worth this much attention, I just needed to get it out. There will be no more on the matter. You all have a great day!


  1. It's "your" attitude of arrogance, not "you're."

  2. You really are a self-absorbed douche! You should change your Rav name to "Massenguy".

  3. Your ignorance is nothing to celebrate.

  4. Dude, read the archives in CPaAG and find out what "DBAD" really means. We've had some spectacular ones hanging out in Ravelry, and you just went right there. And your blog response is both churlish AND childish. Also, check her posts instead of her profile page. She's brilliant and funny and wise, and you come across as a jerk in your replies. No brilliant, no funny, and no wise.

    Know your audience, or be prepared to apologize graciously. It's a good life skill.

    - MKE