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Friday, October 28, 2011

Socks Done!

Lookey Lookey
That's right... I got all eight pairs done as of this morning. I got up at 0430, brewed a pot of tea and sat and knit till the last pair was done. With that, Christmas knitting is complete! I can't believe it. I'm still stunned at just the thought. It's not even Halloween and I have all planned Christmas knitting done. You know what that means? Next year I'll get Christmas Knitting done around the following fourth of July. I threw the cosmos out of balance so I must pay dearly next time around. It's just the way it works.

As for Christmas weather, we got no snow accumulation to speak of, it's forcasted for the 50's the next several days and I have to shower and get outside to rake leaves. Have a great day.


  1. You know we love you Q - but really? Must you rub it in?! You realize that we are going to start handing over our Xmas knitting so you can finish it... you have been warned. (Beautiful socks BTW!)

  2. Never thought of Alena's solution...Naaawwww - it wouldn't be fair to saddle you with all the things my family would start demanding. Of course, you'd just tell them "NO" - just like me. And those are great socks...even if I do keep repeating myself. - Joe

  3. Thats ok, i like hearing it. And your right Joe; sorry Alena, i'm very adept at the word "no". As good as any 2 year old.