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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Butterfly Flaps it's Wings...

So, once again I have no pictures of yesterday's event. I apologize. I even left my camera out so that I would hopefully jog my memory to snap a couple but as usual, I spaced the whole concept of using my camera in times of fun. Because yesterday was fun, but it may have been my exhaustion talking to. To everyone that was at my house yesterday, I apologize for the glazed look that I know fell across my face occasionally as I sat there a few times and just vegged...

So, back to the event. The Nebraska Fiber Fair had unfortunately decided to cancel it's planned classes that a couple of people from our local yarn store were planning on attending. In a fit of creativity myself and a couple of other spinners decided to hold an even here at my house for those interested to bring their stuff, relax around a hearty lunch of lasagna and play with fiber. So, a little butterfly of cancellation flapped its darkling wings in Scottsbluff and created what I hope is the first of many (maybe quarterly everyone?) miini fiber festivities in Casper.

Now, it was great fun, or I wouldn't be asking for more, it was so much fun I'm kicking myself for not using my camera to share with those who couldn't be here. It was a very laid back unstructured, bring your stuff and spin, knit, and in one case walk away with a new Ashford Traditional wheel... But I was beat. We've had family troubles going on all week that involved many a trip for Bob and I back and forth to Douglas that's about a 45minute trip down I25 for the last week and a half, I worked a lovely 9 day stretch of 12hr night shifts, in addition to the fact  that in the last three weeks (21 days) I've had 18 days of time on the books for my job, 15 of those being full 12 hour shifts. Throw in working until 7am Friday and running to the grocery store before diving into cleaning my house (sorry guys, it wasn't up to it's normal standards), washing dogs, and cooking, equaled to a tired me. And for the record, washing your dogs the day before an event at your house makes vacuuming absolutely useless since all five dogs decided to blow their coat withing 8 hours of such an event. And I still don't know why my oven decided it didn't need to bake properly yesterday.

Regardless of it all, I got the sauces started at midnight Friday night so by Saturday morning I could boil the noodles, whip up the ricotta and layer and bake two lovely deep dish lasagna's and have fun with some good company. We laughed, played at being Kathy Lee and Hoda with noon Mimosa's, spun, and ate to our hearts content. Everyone walked away with a bit of new fiber or yarn to play with and hopefully enjoyed themselves as greatly as I (This is where you all agree...).

Then after everyone left, Bob kindly attacked the pile of ever growing dishes, I vacuumed up all the loose wool parading as dust bunnies and put all the furniture back where it belongs. Oh, and FYI, if you plan on having several spinning wheels laying around, things like coffee tables should just be removed from the room. Then I laid down, and that I think was my first mistake. I really just meant to cuddle with the pooches, but my eyes shut. I opened them about 20 minutes later to say goodbye to Bob as he ran off to attend to his Mom, and I decided the best way to wake up would be to walk the dogs. After getting home about 45 minutes later I still couldn't keep my eyes open. I fed the little furred and scales mob of heathens that live under the roof with us and decided to hell with it, I was going to bed. So what if it was only five thirty? And all I can say is, I must have needed it. I think after all the excitement, fun, and dare I say stress, my body had decided to reset itself. So, as my eyes finally peeled awake at six thirty this morning I realized that I slept for thirteen hours with only one potty break at about ten that I recall. I'm sure Bob will inform me of others or even conversations that may have occurred that I won't ever remember.

So, with a new day dawning, I tick another lesson into my book. Have fun, spin with friends and go all out with such events, but dammit boy, you better sleep a bit more before hand.

I hope everyone elses weekend was as much fun as mine, but I need to go buy a birthday present for a 4 year old and get a training plan drawn out for today's agility class.


  1. I love to knit and crochet but my dream is to someday learn to spin. My daughter is learning to use a drop spindle and gave me one withe some fiber but I can't seem to get it. I watch videos on the Internet in the hopes that it will help but to no avail yet. We know someone who spins but she lives in Philly and we are in NJ near NYC.

    1. All I can offer towards drop spindle aid is to keep working at it. I found face to face assistance with spinning for at least the basics the best, but I skipped the spindle step. It simply held no interest to me but I live my wheel. Keep it up and wishing you well towards your newer fiber addiction!

  2. I never connected that you were so tired, Q. But thank you ever so much for hosting such a great event. And for the roving,too. I look forward to future gatherings. Sorry to hear that Bob's mom is doing poorly. Blessings on all of you. - Joe