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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lazy day. Well, not truly lazy, just not focused where it should be.

I feel quite productive today actually, though I only did one thing productive. Emmitt and I went to a dog training session with a young lab who is starting agility with his owner.

But why I truly feel productive is because I finally got the last of this stuff spun up and plyed.

Just in time for me to get more fiber from the fiber club through huckleberryknits that I joined last week. I can't wait to play with some of it later this week. All in all I think I have about 150meters of what looks a lot like one of those orange sherbert cups they used to give out in elementary school for ice cream treats. It's funny, because unspun the fiber was a beautiful cantaloup color, and spun it appears more orange. Oh well, it's still pretty. No idea what it is to become as of yet.

Oh, and last night I whipped this off the needles because all I seem to have lately are large shawls I don't want to work on for one reason or another and I wanted something small and quick.

Andrea at the local yarn shop got in some kind of cool Berocco Boboli so I picked some up and found this bandana cowl and had at it. It made me feel all productive and crap to actually get something done and cast off and blocked. It's still a bit damp but it's done otherwise.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

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  1. That spinning and knitting makes me want to cook up a quick handspun bandana cowl now. I've had a case of the startitis this weekend.