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Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Late Wish of a Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families. Whether they're the families you were born into, or those you chose, may it have been peaceful and quiet to allow you your time of thanks. Mine was spent at work, which I'm totally okay with. I always liked to work the holidays and allow those with kids of their own to spend the time with theirs own families.

As for my last week of work, it's been complicated by my silly mutts.

Emmitt broke a dew claw, again. He broke bad too, from the base it pried up to the point it actually came off on it's own. Poor little shit. So, this last Tuesday I had him at the vet to clean it up and trim the other troublesome claw back when the vet and I decided to take the cuticle and all to keep them from growing back. I thought about this before but it seemed unnecessarily painful to the poor pup. It's bad enough we found him abandoned as a puppy and he sustained some frost bite damage that has caused him to have these issues, but this time around he not only broke the claw but damaged the attached bone.
So I opted them to remove both and clean up the bone splinters in his right paw. Poor kid has stitches and has to keep them wrapped for two weeks, so he bought the cone of shame whenever we're not able to keep and eye on him. I can only imagine it hurts so he is constantly trying to lick them, but since this is the 6th time he's broken them, I think it's for the better. Hopefully this is the last time we ever have to go through this process.

Tuesday night he came to work with me though. Shhhh, don't tell, I may get fired. Never mind, tell anyone you want. The vet couldn't hold him overnight and since he was completely under I decided the best course of action was to pack up his dinner, blanket and water dish and take him with me so I could keep an eye on him. It was a quiet night and he slept most of the time so everything was fine. I vacuumed the next night due to his stress shedding. He's such a good mellow kid anyway I wish I could take him to work regularly. When I entertain ideas of opening my own yarn shop I think he'd be a great shop dog. He gives strangers their space and is just a calm dog.

And speaking of the dogs...
No, no one wet the bed... Well, not with urine anyway. keeping kids off vertain furniture is a battle I decided a long time ago wasn't worth the fighting. Besides, I like to cuddle my kids when in bed and it's just confusing for them to know that they're not allowed on the bed while we're not in it with them, so I simply throw a cheap sheet on it to control hair. That's what you see damp here. Damp with what you may ask?
This. Tucker can't seem to sleep with his tongue in his mouth. That's right, that's a muzzle shaped slobber spot. He looks absolutely ridiculous when he wakes up with a dry tongue and can't seem to keep it in his mouth, but we love the special little shit anyway.

If nothing else, they remind me what I'm thankful for. Their company, the laughs they give me everyday and the excuse to put down what I'm doing and take them for a walk.

I hope you all have a good remainder to your weekend and stay safe out there. Especially if you're partaking in the holiday shopping. I'm going to finish the pumpkin bread and we're heading to the family out near Medicine Bow.

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