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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Slowly Rising (and it's not bile this time)

I apologize for the lack of contact. I've been sick. Damn sick. But let us discuss the important things first and get back to that later.
I haven't felt up to knitting much over the past few days but seem stuck on spinning. I got the first batch of Indian Corn plied and just this morning finished spinning up the last single of it. It has to sit for a few days with it's partner now before I go ahead and ply them to hopefully I end up with about 600yds of matching yarn. Fingers crossed.

I have now attacked this last months fiber of the month.

A beautiful Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) and Tussah Silk blend called "Dear Dark Heart". I am spinning it up very fine. I doubt I'll end up with a true lace weight after plying but I'm trying to broaden my spinning skills and since it has such a long staple trying to go very small with it. As usual, Scarlet has done a wonderful job.
The cat is just waiting for me to leave the fiber unattended.

Before I came down with the gut virus from hell I cleared some bobbins and boy am I happy I did. It gave me room to play while recovering. And it let me play with the yarn swift a friend had her husband make me. She heard me whining that my niddy noddy created a skein to big to fit on my traditional umbrella style yarn swift. It's a wonderful little addition to my fiber toys!

Now today with the freezing temperatures, occasional snow drifting down, I'm more than content to sit inside bundled up (I've been cold for days now, despite layers, electric blankets and cuddling dogs and a purr angel) and spin to my hearts delight though I feel a definite nap coming on.

So, back a subject, I've been sick. So sick that I've missed 4 days of work, had two trips to the doc, a round of antibiotics and finally a trip to the hospital to have IV fluids since I was heaving most anything I swallowed back up, and if it did stay down, it didn't stay in for long if you get my drift. Basically I had many of those moments where you sit on the toilet with a trashcan between the knees. So much in fact I had to get a few liters put on, but as of last night I had held down solid food twice and had only one herking episode with water and seemed to be peeing normally again (Yay for good peeing!).

But, with all the good news, I still don't feel like wandering out in public. Mainly, I'm still tired enough that I don't think it's safe to drive especially with the newly laid down layers of ice nor do I imagine my patience with humanity is restored. The election may be done but people still feel the need to announce their political opinions to the general population assuming that we all agree with their view of the world. And here I will note that being in Wyoming it is a generally republican air and often a bit racist. Four years ago I thought if I was sent another racist "boy" text after the election that I would shove the offending texters phone where they could text while eating without using their thumbs to do so. On that note, I find Democrats who feel the need to announce their general political views just as irritating. I tend to be more issue focused over party focused and to be honest haven't been happy with any of our options in the last couple of elections. However; you will never see me announcing my political choices in my yard with a cardboard sign or with a bumper sticker on my car. It's my opinion and I tend to keep it to myself when it comes to politics, but as many of you know, that's one of the few times I do so. I have occasionally thought about wandering around the neighborhood while walking dogs and stealing other peoples signs and placing them all in my own yard. No matter their party affiliation or weird ideas announced in their campaign just to make people wonder a bit and just to encourage voting in general. Maybe next time...
Political Signs Came from internet search engine results and in no way reflect my political views or offer readers insight into how I voted in 2012.

Well, on that note, I'm going to have a bit of a lie down. I'm tired, again.

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  1. hope you continue to recover! gi stuff bites...i always feel i should get a colonoscopy being as i'm all prepped anyway!! why waste it!! i've still been nervous to call several members of my family due to all the politics. people get so crazy!