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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bad Blogger, Bad!

It's been a month since I last blogged, and I'm so sorry. It seems as though my holiday funk this year has extended well beyond just my lack of desire to put up the tree or finish the Christmas knitting. And the funk snuck on me as fast as the actual holiday itself. I thought in May as I cast on the first of the Christmas presents that I was good to go and was going to be so ready and and amped for the holidays this year. It seems I was wrong.

Not only have I just this morning finished the last of the Christmas items,
but I have still failed to clean the house, set up the Christmas decorations or even started baking. I am quickly running out of time. The blue and gray one I made up on the fly. It's knit on the bias, seemed then has a garter stitch border added to each side to make it match. I'm considering actually writing this little pattern up and providing it here. We'll see if I ever get around to writing it up. I sometimes have great intentions but never wander back around to getting it done. I much prefer the creative part of things over the documenting the creativity part of it all.

Part of it has been this last week of work. I worked 9 straight days and was so apathetic about my night shifts that even on the longest night, I failed to pick up my knitting to get these last two items done.  But alas, today I decided to kick butt, get them finished, block them, bring up some boxes of decorations and wash the dang stinky dogs.

And the old girl might be one of the reason's I'm in a funk. Don't get me wrong, she seems to be doing just fine, and the new injections she's on for her arthritis seem to be making her feel better. I'm kicking myself for making an old deaf stubborn bitch more spunky, let me tell you. Maybe it's just the fact that I truly doubt she'll see an 18th Christmas, but hey, she's done this amazingly well so far maybe I shouldn't discount her.

To be honest, I don't know why I seem to just not be able to get into the Christmas spirit this year. I have to admit, this year has had some major trials. Maybe it's just that I want the year done and over with so we can start anew with what I hope will be a beautiful wet spring. Ha, I forgot there between gusts of wind that I live in Wyoming but a guy can dream, right?

Well, I basically wanted to let you all know that I'm alive, and we're still kicking here. I just have felt a lack of desire to keep everyong updated on anything. I haven't even been reading other blogs. But I'll get over this little hump and get back on track. I'm actually looking forward to casting on a new project tonight! I think the "have to" knitting has put a damper on wanting to knit. But on that note, I have wanted to spin.

I got the Dragonfly spun up into about 860yds of a wonderful 3 ply yarn
And I got City of Y's spun into about 250yds of a 2 ply that I'm calling House of Yes. This is what I'm going to cast on with tonight. It's actually going to be a late Christmas gift that was kind of inspired earlier this week that I've felt growing excitement for.I'll take holiday cheer wherever I can get it even if it's late in the game. Wish me luck.

Hope you all have a happy healthy holiday, and I hope you had a joyful solstice and return of the light.

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