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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow and a Scare

Not related though, except it's always a crappy night when you have an emergency, no?

Shiela the 17year old matron of the house seems to have maybe ruptured and ear drum. We don't know if the neck issue is related or perhaps she was a bit dizzy and fell though the dog door and hurt her neck. But yesterday Bob got home to find her crying in the garage contracted around and unable to walk or move much as she was trying to make her right ear meet her right butt cheek from what appeared to be a muscle spasm in her neck.

He called me and I packed up my spinning wheel and headed home in our freshly falling snow and slickened roads. She seemed to get over it and eat so we called the vet and rearranged her appointment for her injection so we actually saw a vet today. This morning she was sent home with ear drops and muscle relaxants and my fingers firmly crossed that it's this simple. She's 17, it's not going to be this simple, is it? You can be honest with me, I need some reason about now. 

Actually, this afternoon she seems to be doing well. She came outside while I shoveled snow and let me model the latest knit goods on her.

Isn't she beautiful? Both the scarf and the dog. Just don't let the dog breathe on you and she looks very pretty.

Basically, I'm of the mind that my dog is old. If she's hurting and I can't easily remedy this for her, we'll look at end of life care for her. I just can't see putting an ancient dog through hell and back should it be something serious. She's been to good to me for all these years for me to put her through that. So, if we can make her comfortable (as her arthritis injections seemed to until yesterday) we'll do it, but we're not having major surgery and long recoveries. Hell, at this age how long can she recover before she just runs out of heartbeats?

Anyway, back to more pretty subjects. It snowed. I decided to celebrate such things with walking the boys, shoveling, and getting pictures of some pretty things... I might have spun a little in there too. I'm working on "Basket of Plums" right now. Another very fitting name. When this was still in it's braid it did look like an assortment of plums laying altogether in their reds, purples and nectarines.

Once again, this is a Huckleberry product. I just love it. this one is another Polwarth 75%/Tussah Silk 25% blend. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Though I seem to be getting more out of the second single than the first. Hmmmm.
This little shawlette which is a late Christmas present (she'll forgive me) is from the "City of Y's) that I got from huckleberry knits in my fiber club. It's a 100% BFL mix made me think of my friend as well as some beads I had stashed away, so I went pattern hunting. I found the Stargazer Shawlette that was designed around some sequined yarn of about the same yardage I had so I ran with it. But I was kicking myself for the beading, oh I am learning to loath beading in my knitting. But it is pretty. I decided to call this one Jewels of the Pines because the yarn made me think of deep pine forests where you see subtle color differences between the different kinds of pines. I know, it's sappy.

Anyway, I need to get showerred and head to work. Hope you all have a wonderful day and spare some kind thoughts and positive energy for Shiela please.


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  1. that sheila is one tough dog. you will know when she's had enough of her good life. happy to hear that she is feeling better today though. that yarn is beautiful! i better get myself ready for work too...have a good night.