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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions Schmezolutions

So, time to redirect from yesterdays ridiculous political ramblings...

I've never been one for New Years Resolutions. If it's a good thing to change in your life, why wait until New Years? Besides huge changes in personality and behaviors I've noticed never seem to work. You can through time make small changes here and there that become big changes.

But beyond that, I just always found them cheezy. But on that note with the end of the holidays upon us I have organized some items in my todo list. In fact, I've already addressed my wanting more spinning time by breaking a large project into several 30minute parts and the last couple days have made myself sit down at the wheel and get a chunk done each day. It's working wonderfully.

The other things I've organized is some lost and forlorn knitting projects. Okay, so maybe forlorn is an exaggeration, or at the very least assignment of human emotion to inanimate knitting projects. Even if they do kind of look forlorn there in the bottom of a forgotten knitting bag, begging for some attention. It's nothing near the YarnHarlot's brown bags per month scheme but that's simply due to my lack of  volume of unfinished projects. I'm not being a snob here, I just deny the chaotic part of myself that queues every appealing pattern on ravelry from actually casting on every appealing pattern. I only allow myself 3 active projects at once. It's a little goal I can cling to to keep some sanity in my life and the Knitting Loki at bay. And because of this little calm creating quirk I cling to desperately at times, I have fewer partially completed projects than some other knitters have. It's not a judgement on them, if anything it shows more than anything that even in the world of knitting, I'm not quite right.

On this note though, some things have been pushed back to allow time to finish Christmas presents, other things have gotten pushed back because I hate didn't enjoy knitting them. And other things just got boring. Last night as I was struggling to work on my socks I started over a month ago I decided to clean up my Ravelry Projects page. There are some long term projects such as my spinning and baby hats that still occur as time allows but they don't need to be listed as "Works in Progress". But there were three things that should have been done a while ago. One, is this damn pair of socks. Actually, they're quite pretty and I hope to have them done within a few days. They honestly just lost out to the time suck of Christmas or they would have been done awhile ago. And I MUST get them done before I cast on the Oliver socks I so desperately want to cast on with some yarn I won in a gift exchange this year. Socks aren't one of my favorite items to knit so I know that having two sets on the needles will drive me a little closer to the edge of actual nutso.

Then there's this to finish. It feels as though I am slitting my wrists with this project but I must get it done because I actually have a friend who wants to buy it. Don't ask me why... I don't know. I've already spouted my feelings towards this project and will not do it again in order to not offend some of this patterns/designers fans. I'm just not one of them.

And I have a project so close, so so close to being done for a class I teach in February that I can taste the fiber content on my tongue. But I just can't make myself finish it. It's boring repetitive knitting and it jsut laughs in the face of my knitting attention deficit disorder. But when these socks are done, I'll take the couple of hours to wipe this one out before sighing deeply and attacking the one I wish I could burn. Maybe I'll spin some before that... Or walk the dogs...

So, with that my redirection is complete. I hope to have at least the pictures of a new pair of socks to show you soon. And with any luck this head cold will be as dead as my love of certain knitting projects by them

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  1. I appauld you for getting yourself redirected! Got my brown paper bag projects in their bags. My knitting mojo has been squashed by a head cold I also managed to pick up. Sigh! And to top it all off my new spinning wheel is scheduled to arrive on the day I go back to work!! :(