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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Basket of Plums

Well, that's what the fiber was called when I first got my hands on it. And though I normally change the name once I have my finished yarn, it still reminds me of the color of ripe plums and I can almost taste the sweet tang of a beautiful summer plum on my tongue.
So I think the name will stick.
In the end I ended up with 320yds of wonderfully soft 2ply polwarth and silk DK weight yarn. I love it. I can't wait to dig into it for it's intended use, but these damn socks just won't ever end. I knit on them today for three and a half hours and I swear they only grew half an inch. Why do I always torture myself with socks? Why?!? I swear, some people never learn, and yes, I am speaking of myself. I admit it. My shame threshold is really high so if you want the gossip on me, just come sit by me. I tell the best stories about myself.

As for finishing up the basket of plums...
This is the closest I have ever gotten my single s to match up in yardage. EVER. I hope this means that somehow in all of this, I am getting slowly better at this spinning stuff. I hope.

Now that I just had a huge goat rope of a fight with blogger to format the layout of the last picture correctly and put it in the correct place (really blogger, why do you occasionally have to have this spaz moment? It's really irritating) I think I'm done with computers for the night. Way to go blogger... Computerized bastard.

I hope you all have a good night now that I'm worked up.

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