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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Projects

A while ago I special ordered some fiber to do a rather large spinning project. This is how far I am:

Yeah, not very. I have one of my six singles spun. and hour and a half of spinning last night only got me the base layer of another bobbin started. I'm spinning it super small you see, because in the end I'm going for a 3ply sport, so it's taking quite a bit of time just to spin the singles, never mind how long it will take me to ply all that yardage. Wow, I think I just gave myself a shiver of trepidation.

On that note though I am looking to invest in a jumbo flyer for my trusty little sidekick. It has the sliding eye hooks and is capable of holding twice (8oz) the fiber that my current flyer and bobbins can. We'll see if I can swing the money for it since I went ahead and quit the real job. More on that later when it's less dramatic and I'm less angry about it all. Oh, and when I'm officially no longer an employee so don't feel tied by bonds of professional loyalty though I feel as that is a one way emotion.

Otherwise, I'm still rocking the part time job and I'm going to see if that can keep me going so I can keep playing with wonderful fibers!

Hope this end of the month post finds you all well and have a great February.

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  1. As a fellow nurse, it is a rough profession & I am also considering quitting. Life is too short to give 110% and yet be so over-worked & stressed out. Good for you with the PT job :-) and yay for happy fibery goodness!!!