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Friday, January 4, 2013

Green Toes

Good Morning,

Well, I worked all night and just got up from a nap so it's my morning anyway. And the great news it was my last night of full time employment at the hospital. This is great for many reasons but I won't get into them here. Now as nice as that sounds, I'm not just tinkering away my extra time knitting and spinning. I am instead working a second job but it's better for me at this time.

Last night though I was able to finish these doozies.
I have torture myself with socks a couple times a year it seems. I don't know why I do it but I do.
I have to admit that I enjoy wearing my own hand knit socks, even if I don't care for knitting them.

Now I have a dirty little secret to fess up to. Wednesday night I sat up spinning the last of my "Rain on the Fjords" singles. Pics to come when they're all done. But as I spun I pulled up the first season of Downton Abbey on Netflix to keep me company late into the night. It was a great time but I got hooked. Yesterday I logged onto iTunes with my Christmas gift card and bought season's one and two. I have about half of season two watched now in hopes of getting them all watched before season three starts on Sunday.

Now, for those that know me, you may be aware that I hate feeling like I'm stuck to the television waiting for a show. I would rather own it on DVD and watch it at my leisure, or just rent it. But this time I'm looking forward to it. I think the show is wonderfully written and can't wait to be excited as the story line continues, even if I want to take the two eldest daughters by the scruff of their necks and knock their heads together. Maybe it's just that, it's a show that shows we all have our good qualities but we also have those aspects of ourselves we wish to keep hidden from others. Like those two daughters that on their own do selfless acts, or at least don't always act in their own self interest (yes, those two things are different), but put them together and you have to watch for hair pulling and face scratching.

Anyway, I'm hooked, but I have a lot to get done so better get to it (sadly none of it involves fiber at this time). But before I go, here's a bit of gratuitous furry beast.

He was blocking my shot for the socks. Needy little fur ball.


  1. thanks for your help on my Appalachian Gathering Basket!! Love your socks. Toni

  2. I have many knitting shots that are overtaken by a furry beast or two. Great socks tho - and congrats on leaving the hospital. I know it was a good decision for you and good luck with the next adventure! - Alena