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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Somewhat Productive Snowy Morning

Yes, you did read that right. It has actually been snowing here in Casper Wyoming (I'm praying and hoping for more than we'll get, but that's healthy, right?), and I've taken the chilly air as an excuse to be productive this morning with the sidekick.

I went a whole day (only about 14 hours) without a thing on the needles. It couldn't have lasted, for anyone in this houses sanity, before I cast on 4 projects. That's right, 4. I broke my own rule of three things on the needles right out of the starting gate. But to be fair three of them are for classes. Okay, to be really fair, only two of them are for classes I'm teaching, the other is a long term project that after watching some frustration (totally called for frustration) in another class I thought I might cast on and show my way to do things that helps with my own frustration level with this particular technique. I can't tell you more or show you pictures because the finished item will be for a friend who occasionally stops by this blog. I will however down the road give you some visuals.

Two of the remaining projects are just barely cast on so I can use them for teaching the classes they are for. If you recall the beautiful creamy braided reversible brioche cabled scarf that I made I am repeating in a wonderfully lofty charcoal that will be for me when completed. I loved that finsihed item so much I needed one for myself to replace the aging scarf I wear that was the very first item I ever knit. The other item for class is a green version of the carribean blue rippled scarf I made. Once class is over think I may post that pattern here to share depending on how well it goes. I made this pattern up based on a stitch pattern I saw another knitter who wouldn't share the pattern name with me(I know! But then I don't share certain recipes with others either). Since then I have discovered the original pattern myself but mine is slightly (only slightly) different. I am actually quite proud I was able to figure it out so closely. This is truly only two lines of knitting and a cast on the needles so there is nothing to truly share as far as a picture goes.

Then I have this, which is another gift but I don't think the person will figure out who it is for.
It's my Basket of Plums fiber from Huckelberry knits that I got all spun and plyed and am now working into the Prismatic Scarf. So far I'm liking it and hope to get back to working on it tonight. I'm already feeling the itch to get something off the needles! Even knowing that an item is a long term project that can sit on the needles in the background for as long as needed doesn't make me feel at ease. I would never call myself OCD, but this little quire seems a little OCD'ish to me. The finished yarn has been absolutely wonderful to knit with, if I do say so myself.

But the true Production of the morning was this...
I got all eight ounces of my Rain on the Fjords yarn spun up. The fiber is again a Huckleberry Fiber named The Far Side of the World that is 100% Falkland Combed Top. I broke it down to give fractional knitting a shot. I don't know what I think of it quite yet as to how the colors broke out but I'm reserving judgement until I knit with it. It's a lovely feeling yarn, no matter how the colors play out.
But before I do much of anything else, I need to get the kids out, get active myself and get a couple errands taken care of. I hope everyone stays warm this fine snowy day.

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