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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Holding True

To resolutions. Well, decisions anyway since I don't make a habit of making New Years Resolutions.

I briefly considered last night when I learned the Superbowl is the 3rd of cleaning the house and inviting people over for an annual excuse to sit around eating, knitting, and perhaps drinking a bit. Then I recalled last years decision, and quickly put the kibosh on such thoughts. Besides, I do have other plans regarding a class I'm teaching that day and the only thing I truly care about regarding the Superbowl is the possibly new and entertaining commercials.

So that's one decision I made that I am holding myself too. The other is that I need to get some of these darn projects wiped out. I did get the prismatic scarf to it's recipient on Thursday night before I went to work (that fun little jaunt to collect a paycheck has spurned some more decision making but that's for another day).

I think she liked it... If you could see her shit eating grin (why anyone grins after eating shit I don't know but it is one of those sayings I grew up with and still use) you would agree. I decided that she probably didn't want her face put up randomly on the internet but I left the rest of her cute pose there for all to see.

I have a pair of socks that I am almost done with the gusset that is the next item to be completed then I can start earnestly working on a scarf that I was holding off on for the class it was to be used it. The class has begun, the students are off and running which means I can whip this bad boy out... After the socks that is. I hate socks. Last night I royally messed up the heel. How you ask? I don't really know, I can turn heels in my sleep but damn if I didn't find a way to mess it all up 7 ways to Sunday (It's just a day for little sayings, it's showing my true tiredness I think).

Then, after that scarf, I will allow myself to cast on another project. But starting some new fiber a spinning doesn't count for a knitting project, and I just got some wonderful BFL in as well as a special order from Huckleberry knits enroute. Hmmmm... Man, I better get cleaned up for work. Reality sets in once more.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

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