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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Cliff...

Forgive me, please. I try to not post my personal political views here. I find they just incite anger from some, hearty slaps on the back from others and basically polarize groups of friends, readers, and acquaintances. But I found myself spinning in front of the news last night as I was informed that once again, DC is to busy posturing and playing politics rather than working in politics.

My solution if we fall over the fiscal cliff. All the D.C. game players, yes all of them since they couldn't play nice in the sand box and do their jobs, which is find a way to work together to and move our country forward and up, not backwards and down, can not be paid. They didn't do their job. You're fired, go home or at least not be paid until you can make something work. When I don't perform at my job as an everyday citizen, it's what I can expect. It's time these people who were voted into office are held accountable. You can't do you're job, you can either lose it or not be paid for your time and you can pay for yourself to get to and from D.C. I think it would help add some extra push to finding a solution.

And while I'm spewing, for all the NRA(I own guns, I'm all for American's owning guns and protecting our rights to do so but parts of thr NRA are far to extreme for me to give my money to support, just for general knowledge before I get accused of anything) supporters who are stating we need armed guards in every school, since most of you are way right wing republicans (I know, it's a generalization and I apologize now for those offended), I ask this: Are you willing to raise taxes to pay for this? I'm just asking since it's the conservative repulicans that refuse to raise taxes. I personally worry about making an environment in our schools where a shootout is possible with our children in the crossfire.

Now that I pointed my finger at the Republicans I feel bad. But don't worry, I know the democrats are just as much a part of the issue... And no, I don't want to be the President. I know I can't do any better and truly, those egotistical enough to think they can I don't want anywhere near the office.

With that all said and off my chest, I'm done. Thank you, I'll try not to do it again. And since I' haven't read the paper, other media or turned on the television I'm just guessing some agreement was come to today that makes this whole rant null and void. But it would be logical for me to check that first, and this was a rant, and rant's aren't logical.

See what happens when you want more blogging people! You get illogical rants! Hey, look at that, I can shift blame too, maybe I should run for office.

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