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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Keeping The Hands Busy

2 weeks into it all and I am slacking off on blogging. However, I have been busy at other things.
It certainly worried me as I did the first dough prep, but it rose well.
A pan of water on the bottom
Gives a good steamy oven for the baking leading to a good crust
Making two wonderful loaves of sandwich bread.
During the rising I played those three bobbins I showed you last time.
A bit of baking, a lot of dog walking. Sorry, no pics of yesterdays of brownies, but ooooh, they are good.
Ugh... Pink. Hope you like it DeAnn
I promise I will return to this stuff soon. It is gorgeous stuff.
A Touch of spinning.
She took her time, but she's perfect.
Though blocking about made me want to slit my wrists.
The shawl is about the perfect size. I am glad I added the repeats to the pattern.
Though it took forever to knit. 
I am going to miss this beautiful stacked sandstone brick.
And at last, nailing down some knitting.
This is for a local friend that I need to get finished and give too. She loved this yarn as it was on the wheel.
And since I got that one done, it was time to do dive into this one. Okay, off to walk the dogs again before a lazy Sunday afternoon of movies and knitting.

Have a good one!

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