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Friday, January 3, 2014

A Milestone of Some Sort

This morning as I try to wake up I am looking through the blog stats and see that someone linked through to my blog by running a search with the key words "Aroma, Porn, and Shop". I'm sure this is not amazing news to anyone, but it gave me a bit of a giggle and made me wonder what they were looking for? Candles whose fragrance accented their viewer ship of "Poke-a-Honcho, the unknown story of self discovery in America's Eastern Indian Tribes"? I hope they found some nice pine or mulberry scented candles to assist with that authentic feel. You know, when the jar candle of "Want & Sweat" just won't cut it.
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Anyway, it gave me a giggle and I had to share. I know, it's a shame to waste a twisted sense of humor.  Have a good Friday and a Happy New Year to everyone. Start out this years weekends doing something fun. And by that I mean go outside, ski, sled, play in the snow, enjoy the world, not surf for porn or its related aroma therapy products.



  1. Ah, I love the scent of porn in the morning....

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post to kick off the weekend. Just one question...How can anyone tell what porn smells like? - Joe