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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just One Of Those Things

I decided that since I took these pictures in 2013, I should get them posted in 2013. So today before work I am throwing up the last post of the year. And as the other 364 days of this one, the wind is still  blowing.

See all that haze on the eastern (left handed) sides of the ridges of Casper Mountain. That's right, that is wind blown snow. And on the walk that spurned these photos, let me tell you, it blew. Both literally and figuratively. My face is still numb dammit.

Okay, since that was Sunday and this is Tuesday, it isn't. Well, it is, but not due to that walk, but todays. After that walk in the cold, for the second time during the day though, the kids were wore out.
In fact Sullivan came home and snuggled with his favorite toy. I know, he's ridiculous.

The picture of the mountain was taken on our earlier downtown walk as I took the kids for a quick outing after dropping some homemade bread off at work.

These were shot at the same time to show that nowhere is safe from the wind here. Just because we're not on the mountain doesn't keen it doesn't blow.

What little snow we got last night, is on it's happy way to Nebraska.
The rest is a crusty icy mess left behind, waiting to bust your butt when you are not paying attention to where you step.
And I have busted it. Let's not discuss it.
I was trying to get a shorty of the fluffy dog so you could get an idea of the gusting wind. No such luck.
Then there is the ever hopeful and willing Squirrel Hunter Emmitt.
And a rock solid river. Not even an open lead for this poor hapless duck who was silly enough to try to fly in this wind.
I last saw him blowing Eastward. However we did find a little trickle at one of the river drainage areas.
Not that road drainage is a good duck habitat, nor is it even enough water for him to swim in.
Then on our last loop, I caught the sound of this guy. I think he has been making new holes in the snapped off bases of the beaches that were lost in the first big snow storm of the year.

He's not really drilling for worms by the sound of it. He seems to be inspecting the spots for making a hollow. It's the second time in a week that I've seen him in this stand of branches, always at these wounds in the trees.

Well, I better get ready to go to work. It's going to be a busy night.


  1. Happy New Year, Q! That extends to all your household, naturally. May you all have many Blessings in the year to come. - Joe