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Sunday, December 22, 2013

BBbbbbbrrrrrrr. Wind Chill Says? -4

Actually, it is not really all that cold out. I had considered earlier taking the boys up on the mountain for some snw shoeing, then I took the dogs fora  walk before heading to the grocery store. And the wind. Damn it's cold. Now I ma thinking with that windchill, watching a movie this afternoon might be more my speed.
Last night I baked up a batch of enchiladas. They were good as always.
A little bit of quinoa, a smudge of green sauce and lot's of grilled chicken, black beans, corn, and cheese. Slather it with red sauce and bake!
Then you throw on some cheese and brown. Or just melt it into a puddle of grease like this cheddar did. So much for being healthy. Okay... So they were never healthy per se.
So I made some wonderful salads to go with the enchiladas. As much as I love enchiladas, I think the salad was my favorite part of the whole dinner. There was a wonderful heirloom tomato that had rich taste. Some clementine orange, fresh pitted cherry quarters and crisp cucumber rounds. I may have to make another salad like it tonight.

The best part of the night though? Bob did the dishes while I walked the kids. Well, the fact that he washed them. I in fact busted my butt on the icy pavement and cracked my head a good one. I'm all right,a little sore this morning but otherwise fine. Just irritated at the time a bit. It was a doozy of a fall and left me stunned for a moment wile the dogs snuffled and snorted at me to make sure I was still alive.

We had a nice early snow which has been nice. But unfortunately frozen water crystals lead to ice. It's just one of those things and of course I couldn't have landed in some cushy snow. Nope I had to biff it on the pavement. Oh well.

Well, off to hunt up a movie I think and have a bit of a knit. Leftover enchiladas and salad tonight for dinner!


  1. salad looks so beautiful and nummy!! taco's last night turned into taco salad tonight. :-)

  2. That whole meal looks delicious and the salad sounds scrumptious; I should keep it in mind for a potluck or other gathering. Happy Holidays to all. - Joe