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Saturday, December 21, 2013

AAAaaaannnndd, I spoke to soon.

Not to say we aren't moving, but now we do not know to where. I was just cooking up the chicken for this evening's enchiladas and thought, I have some free, time, I should write a blog post. It might make me feel more settled about this.

I know it will all get sorted out. I know that we will make the move, get settled in, and move on with the daily act of living. But this has been hanging over our head for months now, and just when we think we have some information we can move on, we get hit with news like this.

What news? I won't get into the gory details but someone other than myself spoke up out of turn and the position in MI is not a for sure thing. We may end up going north to Fairbanks AK. Which, we have our passports, and we can make Fairbanks work. Hey, Alaska is home to me. I can make Fairbanks work well and be back near my family and friends. The old dog, I don't' know if she would make that trip with us. When you are a medium sized dog that made it to 18 years of age, not a lot of your day to day living is assured.

Why are we not happy about the Fairbanks idea? Mainly, money. Alaska is expensive. It will cost us thousands more to ship our stuff that far. We will have to drive for days, and arrange for housing there. And when I say it's expensive, I mean a whole heck of a lot more expensive in Alaska than Michigan. We can get acreage and square footage for 10's of thousands of dollars less in Michigan. And I have this silly dream of having some livestock and I prefer to not battle large carnivores for 6 months of the year to keep a couple sheep alive.

But, alas, it will all get sorted out and plans for the future will get shifted and moved around to make room for the reality of whatever happens. And on that note, I need to go check on the chicken...

I was going to end the post there but as I came in with the chicken I realized that I have been light on the photos. Very light. It's just been whining about moving. And due to that there has been little photo taking because all we have been doing is getting ready to move. So, let me show you what we have been doing.

Cleaning. De-cluttering, and then trying to keep the dust buffalo to a minimum with a household of shedding beasts. In other words, a lot of vacuuming.
To Emmitt's Way of thinking, not a lot has changed. He still lays around the house when not out for romps.
Actually, the older kids who have gone through a couple moves including a major cross country endeavor to move here have figured out something is up. Especially when some pieces of furniture went away.
That's right, we have already started the downsizing. And no, we are not re-painting to neutrals. The woman we bought the house from sure didn't. And If you are unwilling or unable to afford to paint when you buy a place, you shouldn't have bought it. Take the time and make a place yours when you move in.
If anyone knows someone in need of a twin bed, this one is for sale. The cat mostly sleeps on it. Only had a guest in it for a few nights once.
And then all those rooms you forget this house has. It's easy to forget how big it is.
I don't think this room has been so uncluttered since we moved in. It has kind of been a catch-all room for not only us but a lot of the local family. yes that pile to the right is boxes already getting filled.
As our these in the office area. Another catch all that still has some items that are not ours in it. It too is a lot more empty and organized than it has been in a while.
And then there are these already packed boxes. I don't believe in waiting up until the very end to pack  it all. Last weekend we worked on the downstairs and I packed a lot of items up and put them away. The Guy focussed on the downstairs bathroom that I neglected to get a picture of. It is a largely unused facility in the house and the wall paper had started to peel of it's own accord so he spent the weekend cleaning that up with some bead board and trim.
Oh, and the other bedroom/my former blocking room. Yes, that's right. If you count the other odd office room downstairs this house has 4 bedrooms. 2 of which are non-conforming. If you know anyone interested it is listed through Jason Cummings at Remax. And if someone needs a queen sized bed we could probably be talked out of this one too, though we were planning on sending this one with us, But we do have my old Futon.
And for those sharp eyed ones out there, yes, at the end of the family room that was my stash. It looks so small when put away appropriately. It may be thinned a bit before moving. Who knows... And again, the loom is going with me! Unless you can offer me LOTS of money to replace it when I get settled wherever we are to be.

Now, off to the shower so I can continue the day as we have planned. Yeah right, planned. Ha!

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  1. Oh Noesss....It's bad enough that you have to move but not knowing for certain where is really sad. I hope it is Michigan since it will be much easier, overall. Have a good weekend and Christmas, if I don't see you before then. - Joe